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European Monarchs!

European Monarchs by Tony D.

Richard III Defeated at Bosworth Field in the War of the Roses;
Henry IV of the Capetian Dynasty French King; married Marie de Medici; Assassinated in 1610; immediate predecessor of Louis XIII; issued the Edict of Nantes
Queen Victoria awarded medal to Josiah Henson for cabinets in Crystal Palace exhibit in 1842;
Mary I (Tudor) Queen of England 1553-1558; said "When I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais lying in my heart. ;
Queen Anne First monarch of Great Britain, 1707-1714;
Henry VIII English King; Had Sir Thomas More beheaded for refusing to accept him as head of the English Church in 1535; 6 wives
William of Orange (William III) King of England, Scotland, and Ireland who opposed King Louis XIV when he invaded the Netherlands in 1642; deposed King James II; married Mary II
Henry II of the House of Valois French King; Married Catherine de Medici;
Louis XIII French King; his Chief Prime Minister was Richelieu;
Ferdinand and Isabella Tombs lie in the Royal Chapel of Granada's cathedral; gained possession of Grenada in 1492; commisioned Colombus to find a route to India
Louis XV His mistress was Madame de Pompadour; defeated by Frederick the Great at the Battle of Rossbach in 1757; said "After us, the deluge" ;
King George III British king who reigned during the Revolutionary War, losing the thirteen American colonies; a British play is based of off him called The Madness of George III;
Charles III (The Fat) The last Carolingian Emperor; Son of Louis the German.
Charles II British King; asked to exclude his Roman Catholic brother from the line of succession; his supporters were nicknamed Tories, who favored hereditary succession; succeeded by James II of England
Henry VII (Tudor) First king of the House of Tudor from 1485 to 1509; attained the throne by killing Richard III at Bosworth Field; married Elizabeth I, daughter of Edward IV, uniting York and Lancaster
James I of England/ James VI of Scotland English King; in 1615, urged John Donne to become an Anglican Priest;became King of Scotland in 1567 then became first Stuart King of England in 1603; died in 1625; First permanent settlement in America is named after him; mother was Mary, Queen of Scots
King James II Deposed in the Glorious Revolution in 1688-89
Edward VIII English King; held the throne less than a year; a constitutional crisis occurred after his decision about Wallis Simpson; his brother Prince Albert assumed the throne upon his abdication
Louis XVI a lock of this French king's hair was sold for $5,536; beheaded on January 21, 1793; first to use the three colors of the tricolor to represent France in 1789
Frances I Kind of France defeated at the Battle of Pavia in 1525; said "Of all I had, only honor remains, and my life which has been spared" ;
Charles V King of Spain who in 1525 defeats Francis I in the Battle of Pavia;
Tony Blair English Prime Minister; recieved the Congressional Gold Medal in 2003
Catherine II (The Great) German Princess; Married Peter III; became empress of Russia from 1762-1796; changed her name from Sophie; called "The Modern Messalina"
Alexander I Russian Tsar from 1801-1825;
Alexander II Russian tsar from 1855-1881;
Alexander III Russian tsar from 1881- 1894;
King Louis XIV French King; "The Sun King"; Invaded the Netherlands in 1672, opposed by William III; renounced the Edict of Nantes in 1685
Richard I English King who came to power in 1189; any time previous is referenced as "since time immemorial" ;
Napoleon Bonaparte Said "From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step" on his return from Moscow after his defeat in 1812; nicknamed the "Little Corporal"
Queen Beatrice Queen of the Netherlands who succeded to the throne in 1980 after the abdication of her mother Queen Juliana
Windsor Family The family that has ruled Great Britain since 1917
Henry II of the House of Plantagenet Son of Geoffrey Plantagenet; married Eleanor of Aquitaine; first Plantagenet king of Endland in 1154 until 1189; his knights murdered Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral
Henry IV of the House of Lancaster First king of the House of Lancaster; English; 1399-1413; often known as Henry of Bolingbroke; won the throne by defeating Richard II in 1399
King James II Succeeded Charles II on the English throne in 1685
Oliver Cromwell Gained prominence at the Battle of Marston Moor; served as Lord Protector between Charles I and Charles II
King Philip II Spanish King; invaded the British Isles in the late 16th century due to Elizabeth I being Protestant; marked the defeat of the Spanish Armada
Created by: tonydelg