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omam chpt 4

omam chpt 4 vocabulary and idioms

aloof distant
appraised judged
arouse to excite
Black Jack Game a gambling game
champing chewing noisily
ego sense of self-awareness
Hame the piece along the side of a horse collar to which the trace chains are attached
keg a small barrel
mauled torn, worn out
meager a small amount; of poor quality
Rummy a card game
subsided become less excited
twict a sharp sudden punch
whinnied the low gentle sound that a horse makes
baloney nonsense
booby hatch insane asylum, a place for mentally insane people
corn whiskey made from rice
cover 'im up protect him; make excuses for him
doped out figured out
put me in pitchers put me in pictures (as an actress in movies)
screwy crazy
string up on a tree lynched; hanged
take you out in a box a coffin
Created by: sstile101