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U2:-Ch.2-L2 (1&2)

What is Leadership? Being able to influence, lead, or guide others to accomplish a mission successfully by providing purpose, direction, and motivation
What are the three leadership styles? Traits, Behaviors, and Contingency
What is the 'Traits' Leadership style idea and when was it prominent? 1800's-1940's; An idea that proposed that either a person had the specific traits to lead or they didn't
What are the three types Behaviors? Democratic, Autocratic, and Laissez-faire
When was the Behaviors prominent? 1940's to 1970's
What is the idea behind the 'Democratic' behavior? That you should consult with your followers and allow for them to participate in decision making
What is the idea behind the 'Autocratic' behavior? Making decisions alone
What is the idea behind the 'Laissez-faire behavior? To provide no direction
When was the Contingency prominent? 1960's-current
What did the Contingency style conclude? No one best way to lead, leadership can be taught, situational factors determine necessary behavior and style, leaders impact group's effectiveness, & Leadership effectiveness is affected by interaction between situational factors and characteristics
What are the three approaches to leadership? Trait, situational, and follower
What is the situational approach? Specific types of leadership behaviors are necessarry for certain situations & leaders should be chosen off who best fit the criteria
What is the follower approach? Need of the group will determine who will lead; leadership coincides with the needs of the group and the ability a person happens to have
What is the Contingency model? Personal styles & situtional characteristics combine to determine leadership; Proper match between styles & Situations is essential