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TDA Spreadsheets

TDA Spreadsheets terms

Complex table a complex table may contain elements like formulas, nested tables, merged/split cells, captions or may be a table comprised of multiple tables merged into one or formatting a multi-page table
Embed to place a file from a source file to a destination file without maintaining a connection between the two files
Nested table a table inserted within the cell of another table
Form an area of a web page that allows the viewer to enter data and information to be sent back to the web server
Table of contents a listing of the major entries in a publication
Index an alphabetical listing of key words, phrases or topics that includes the page numbers where the items are found in the publication
IF a logical function that returns one value if the statement is true and another value if the statement is false
PMT a spreadsheet financial function used to calculate the amount paid into an investment or loan during each payment period
Lookup a spreadsheet function that looks up a value in a defined range of cells located in another part of the workbook to find a corresponding value. The lookup function can be vertical (VLOOKUP) or horizontal (HLOOKUP)
Conditional formatting a setting that applies formatting only when a cell's value meets a specified condition
Macro a series of stored commands that can be executed whenever the user needs to perform a special task
Linking placing a copy of an object or data in a destination file that will automatically update when changes are made to the source file
Filter a process used to temporarily hide data that does not meet the specified criteria
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