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ENV HIST 301 Environmental Studies Curriculum

What are the examples of ancient oil explorations and fire worship (provide relevant dates, geographic locations, and names) PART ONE A passage from Plutarch (46-120 AD) suggested that villages of Babylonia set street with oil seepages on fire to impress Alexander of Macedonia (356-323 BC.) Furthermore, 'the eternal flame' date back to earlier periods - prophet Zoroaster (628-551 BC.)
What are the examples of ancient oil explorations (provide relevant dates, geographic locations, and names) PART TWO The Manichean doctrine was propagated among the Aryans - the inhabitants of the region. They worshiped fire. The Sugarkhani, North of Baku Azerbaijan represents a cluster of oil rigs across the Absheron Peninsula related to Atishgah(ancient fire temple)
What are the examples of ancient oil explorations (provide relevant dates, geographic locations, and names) PART THREE The pillars of fire were mentioned in the Judeo Christian Scriptures resulted from flammable gas from oil deposits && fissures escaped from porous limestone. 'A bush that was burning but was not consumed a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night...'
The geological eras during which anaerobic respiration of phytoplankton took place Paleozoic and Mesozoic Geological Eras (100-500 million years ago)
What are the important characteristic important to acknowledge about coal decomposition? Coal is highly compressed organic matter - leafy material from swamp vegetation with a relative little decomposition
What are the general forms of methane and crude oil useful to make distinction using chemical and physical properties? Evidently, natural gas is methane trapped in the porous rock layers while crude oil deposits represent residual sludge.
What were the components of oil extraction in China 1000-3000 BC? The Chinese were first to deploy mechanical means & tied to a rope that penetrated the Earth that was repeatedly lifted and dropped gradually to penetrate the earth
The materials used by Chinese about 340-350 AD and earlier to dig oil wells Archaeological evidence points out to Bamboo based poles. Extensive bamboo pipelines connected oil wells with salt springs
Extrapolate on Czar Peter the Great (1672-1725) oil extraction Evidence points out that once Baku had been occupied by Russian General Mikhail Mayushkin, Peter The Great issued decree to demand 16000 kilograms of white oil from the area.
Name the dates from which first commercial oil was drilled in North America 1846-1848 became, what overwhelming historical evidence, suggest a landmark in the annals of petroleum industry
What was the date when oil industry started in Baku and why this date is significant? Notably, 1871 was the date when oil industry started in Baku. Notably, the state monopoly of the tsarist regime had been abolished.
What was the first oil attempt in Texas and under what circumstances it was discovered? In Texas - the oil boom had been discovered in the small town of Corsicana in 1893 when the local company set up a company to find water. Rotary drill was used to make 2300 barrels per day yield thus the enthusiasm subsided.
What was the the second oil attempt in Texas and under what circumstances the oil boom had been discovered? The drilling team of Hamil Brothers contacted by Captain Anthony Lukas encountered natural gas and eventually oil under numerous improvised methods (Refer to Chapter 1 Robert Hiro 'Blood of The Earth' for numerous details.
Specimix mix used by Hamil Brothers during oil extraction procedures.... Clay and water mix was used to block the leaked gas during drilling thus allowing to continue extraction of materials
What were the oil average yields after Hamill Brothers drilling procedures? What were the consequences of such phenomena concerning Texas geography? 75,000 bpd was the spike in yield after successful operations. Eventually the petroleum 'boom towns' were formed.
Dispensability of petroleum products in America
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