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Children's Literatur

Works and their authors

John Cotton - Puritan Milk For babes 10 commandments
Anne Bradstreet - Puritan (2) Upon my son Samuel and his leaving for England In reference to her children
James Janeway - Puritan / Sarah Howley A token for Children
John Bunyan - Puritan A book for Boys and Girls animals
Isaac Watts - Lyrical Instruction (2) Divine Songs Moral Songs
Cock Robin Tom Thumb chapbooks
Thomas Boreman - chapbooks and PH The Gigantik History
John Newberry - chapbooks and PH (3) A little Pretty Pocketbook Nurse Truelove's New Year's Gift Little Goody twoshoes - considering cap
Sarah Fielding - Rational Moralist The Governess Mrs Teachum
Mary Ann Kilner - Rational Moralist Advenures of a Pincushion
MAry Wollstonecraft - Rational Moralist Original Stories From real Life (the flower analogy) Mrs MAson
Maria Edgeworth - Rational Moralist The purple Jar Rosamund
Hannah More - Sunday School Moralist Cheap Repository Tracts Black Giles, Dick, Tom Price
Mary Martha Sherwood - Sunday School Moralist The history of the Fairchild Family Augusta Noble
William Blake - Children's Verse (2) Songs of Innocence Songs of Experience
Ann Taylor Gilbert and Jane Taylor - Children's verse (2) Original Poems for Infant Minds Rhymes for the Nursery
William Roscoe - Children's verse The butterfly's ball and the Grasshopper's feast
Edward LEar - Children's verse The book of Nonsense
Heinrich Hoffman - Children's verse The English Struwwelpeter Slovenly Peter, Augustus, Paulina
Newberry's Nurse Truelove History of Miss Polly Friendly The house that jack built
Original Poems for Infant Minds Meddlesome Matty Wooden Doll and Wax Doll My Mother
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