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PowerPoint Lesson 1

Vocabulary and Definitions for Basic PowerPoint

clip art/pictures simple pictures and symbols made available for computer users to add to their documents.
font color is the color of a font on a computer screen, on a printed document, or in HTML/CSS/web design (the website's font color).
font color drop-down menu allows you to select color options for your text.
font The general shape and style of a set of characters (also called typeface). You may be familiar with several font names: Times New Roman, Arial, Comic Sans, etc.
font face drop-down menu allows you to select font options for your text.
font size The height or size of the font measured in points. A point is a unit of measure for font equal to 1 / 72nd of an inch. 72 point font is one inch tall. 36 point font is ½ inch tall. Font sizes can range from 1 point to 1638 point.
font size drop-down menu allows you to select the font size options for your text.
ribbon is the strip of buttons across the top of the main window. Here on the Ribbon, you will find access to anything the program has to offer. The ribbon is designed for finding quick commands that you need to complete a task.
home ribbon gives you access to the most commonly used commands, including copy and paste, formatting, and the New Slide command.
insert ribbon gives you access to objects you can insert into a PowerPoint presentation, including slides, tables, pictures, shapes, charts, hyperlinks, actions, text boxes, WordArt, symbols and media.
new slide drop-down menu allows you to select the slide options for the new slide you are adding to your PowerPoint.
slide layout contain formatting, positioning, and placeholders for all of the content that appears on a slide. And can contain the theme (colors, fonts, effects, and the background) of a slide as well.
transition are the animation-like effects that occur in Slide Show view when you move from one slide to the next during an on-screen presentation.
Created by: carieggen