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Jed is compiling weather information on a web site for local farmers. To organize the data, Jed should use which type of tag? <table>
An athletic company needs to save their logo in a format that supports 16 million colors and transparency for their website. Which file is the best option to use? ball.png
Janice created a collage of her friends for a school project. She used individual pictures of each friend to create one picture. Which editing feature did she use? Layering
Between which paired tags would the visible content of a webpage be displayed? <body></body>
Meghan wanted to view an animation while she was working on a project. She moved the playhead back to the beginning frame and then to the end. Which animation feature did she use? Scrubbing
Mary is creating a basic line art graphic. She does not want to save the graphic as a GIF or TIFF file. What file format would be the best alternative? PNG
Christopher has finished a presentation on music history and wants to include the highest quality the music samples. Which file type would be most appropriate? WAV or AIFF
A group of FBLA students are editing the sound of a video to be submitted in a contest. What phase of video production are they in: Postproduction
Jenny is designing a website for a yogurt shop. Which color mode does she have to consider when planning her design? CMYK
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