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Internet Safety Vocabulary

anonymous unknown name
blog a personal website containing a person's own experiences or opinions
chat room a group chat in real time to meet and exchange with others
cyberbullying harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages
depression sadness
evidence something that proves or backs up something
firewall hardware or software to prevent unauthorized access
flame war an argument with angry or negative comments online
flaming insulting interaction between internet users
harassment troubling repeatedly that could threaten
impersonate to pretend to be someone else
instant messaging a message that is sent instantly
internet the global system that connects/links billions of devices worldwide
netiquette the rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over the internet
phishing to try to obtain financial or confidential information from internet users
respect to hold in honor and to treat kindly
rumor a statement without conformation from the person; gossip; false information
screen name a name for identification
self-esteem respect for oneself; self-respect
social network a network with others
texting to send a message electronically
troll a person who posts mean comments on the internet
user name log in name
virus a program planted in a computer to damage it
Created by: Jessica*L