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Jen is designing a website for a clothing store. She is testing her font choice to see if it is legible on the computer screen. This is an example of which usability and readability consideration? Medium
Krista is setting up her camera on a tripod to record the sunset over the lake. She wants to ensure that the sun is captured appropriately according to the rule of thirds. What technique is Krista applying in her shot? Framing
Jenny is creating a publication and using a preformatted layout so the information can be filled into existing text boxes and graphic placeholders. This is an example of a: Grid
A video production team is setting up equipment for a video shoot. They are including a variety of microphones and artificial lighting. What phase of video production are they in: Production
Mike is creating a flow chart to show the steps to change a tire. The flow chart will be viewed in various sizes. Why should the flow chart be created as a vector graphic? Retain original quality when scaled
Sarah is a designer of wedding invitations. She emails prototypes of her work to potential clients. What file format should she choose to ensure the fonts and graphics are embedded in her files? PDF
Mark needs to align all the graphics along the left side of the page. Which guide does Mark need to use? Ruler Guide
Beth is creating a newsletter using desktop publishing software. She wants items to line up evenly. Which guide should she use? Ruler
Which is an example of using an inline CSS style in a webpage? <p style="color:blue">
Kathryn is combining a collection of spring break pictures into a collage. Which image editing technique should she be using? Layering
NC State is adding a pizza place to its food court for students. To promote the grand opening a graphic designer is using the marquee tool to draw a circle to add the possible toppings inside a pizza graphic. This is an example of: Area Type
David had an older laptop from 2004. He recently purchased a new one. He noticed that his new computer screen seemed much clearer. What would make his screen clearer? an increase in screen resloution
Mandy is painting hearts for a Valentine's Day party. She adds black to red paint to darken the color of her hearts. What has she done to the color? Shade
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