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LIV Overview (Chris-EWCNM)

Jing Well (wood) point? LIV1
Ying Spring (fire) point? LIV2
Shu Stream (earth) point? LIV3
Yuan Source point? LIV3
Jing River (metal) point? LIV4
Lou Connecting point? LIV5
Xi Cleft point? LIV6
Hea Sea (water) point? LIV8
Front Mu LIV14
Back Shu UB18
Zang Fu partner (interior/exterior)? GB F-Shaoyang
6 Channel partner? PC H-Jueyin
What are 3 functions LIV? 1-Store blood2-Maintain free flow Qi3-Dominate sinews, opens eyes, mainfest nails
What is name LIV Channel? F-Jueyin
What is the best point to treat all types of Shan disroders? LIV1
What best point for excess LIV causing liver yang rising or liver fire stirring wind? LIV2
What is best point for excess or deficiency liver functioning to subdue LIV Yang rising, spread LIV Qi and Nourish LIV blood and yin? LIV3
What point is used for LIV-SP disharmony presenting as anger, distention, IBS, anorexia? LIV13
What is Influential point of all zang organs? LIV13
What point is used for LIV-ST disharmony causing distention, nausea, vomiting, reflux? LIV14
What circadian time for LIV channel? 1-3am
How many points and branches on LIV channel? 14p, 2 branches,1-descends eye system to encircle lips2-emerges liver spreads lungs meet PC1
Were does primary channel start and stop? lateral big toe, ends 6th IC space on mammary line
Created by: cawalte3