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GB Overview (Chris -EWCNM)

Jing Well (wood) point? GB44
Ying Spring (water) point? GB43
Shu Stream (metal) point? GB41
Jing River (earth) point? GB38
He Sea (fire) point? GB34
Yuan source point? GB40
Lou connecting point? GB37
Xi Cleft point? GB36
Front Mu GB24
Back Shu UB19
Circadian time 11-1am
Number of points and branches? 44 points, 3 branches,1-emerges behind ear descends to butt (GB30)2-emerges SCF descends to lateral 4th toe3-emerges GB41 to big toe connect LIV
Were does GB F-Shaoyang channel start and end? Starts outer canthus, ends lateral 4th toe
What are 2 functions of GB? 1-Store and excrete bile2-Rule courage, decision making, judgement
6 channel partner F-Shaoyang? SJ H-Shaoyang
Zang-Fu pair (interiorly/exteriorly related)? LIV F-Jueyin
What is good point for severe one sides HA? GB8
What is point benefits 5 zang senses, mirroring GB44? GB11
What point named Feng Shu can be used for all types of wind disorders? GB20
What point strongly descends Qi and lower phlegm? GB21
What is best point for difficult labor or retained placenta and is CI pregnacy? GB21
Front Mu KID used tonify KID, fortifies SP to be used in all KID-SP disorders? GB25
What are the 3 Dai Mai points that activate the girdle vessels? GB26, 27, 28
What are 2 best points for the hip joint? GB29, 30
What point benefits hip and legs by promoting ciculation qi and blood in all lower extremites to treat all disorders hip, butt and legs? GB30
What is emperical point for sciatica? GB30
What point named Wind Market, used for all types of wind in LE and wind giving rise to itching? GB31
What is influential point of sinews, used treat all disorders of the sinews? GB34
What is influential point of marrow used to treat all disorders of the marrow? GB39
What is Xi cleft point of Yang Linking vessel? GB35
What best distal point for all eyes disorders on the gallbladder channel? GB37
What is Confluent point of Dai Mai? GB41/SJ5 (Yang Wei)
What point commonly used to spread LIV Qi presenting as distention, pressure, pain along GB channel? GB41
Created by: cawalte3