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Of Mice And Men

chapter one vocabulary of mice and men

junctures the shape or manner in which things come together.A place were things join
debris remains,ruins,fragments of something broken into pieces
mottled spotted,marked with different colors
recumbent lying down in a position of comfort
morosely drearily,dully
lumbered moved clumsily or heavily
brusquely abrupt,angrily,or bluntly in a manner or speech
pantomime an imitation of someone else's mannerisms
contemplated thought deeply about,considered
imperiously in a haughty,dictatorial or overbearing manner
anguished extreme mental anxiety,distress or torment
yammered howled,wailed as if in pain,whimpered
reluctantly unwilling,hesistant
carp any various fresh water fish
jungle up to set to camp
bustin' a gut working really hard
blow their stake lose/spend their money
blowin our jack wasting our money
Created by: florramos