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Basic Korean Vocab 1

엄마 Mom
아빠 Dad
동생 Sister
형제 siblin
가족 family
선생님 teacher
친구 friend
가방 backpack/bag
인사 bow, greeting
호랑이 Tiger
원수이 monkey
얼룩말 zebra
물개 seal
여우 fox
도시락 lunch
김밥 gimpap
주스 juice
과일 fruit
과자 snack/confectionary
이/그/저 this (near you)/ the or that (near other person)/ that overthere
이거/ 이것 this thing
그거/그것 the thing/ that thing
that thing over there
저거/저것 that thing over there
아니에요 I am not
있어요 <--> 없어요 to be/not to be
시간 있어요? Do you have the time?
시간 없어요 I don't have time
재미 fun/interest
주세요 please give me
맛있어요 It's tasty/delicious
이거 맛있어요 this is delicious
맛없어요 this doesn't taste good
잘 먹겠습니다 I'm going to eat well
. 잘 먹었습니다 I ate well (say after eating) aka thank you for the food
-고 싶어요 I want to
선물 present
언제 when (eon-je)
오늘 today
어제 yesterday
내일 tomorrow
지금 now
아까 earlier (today), a while ago (today)
나중에 later
work, one, day
하루 day
륙 or 육 6
죄송합니다 I'm Sorry
저기요 when you want to get someone’s attention and talk to them or let them know something when you want to call the waiter in a restaurant or a cafe to order something
잠시만요 excuse me (literally just one second..use when you need to pass through)
누가 who
nu-gu-ye-yo who is it?
누가 전화했어요 who called?
월요일 Monday
화요일 Tuesday
수요일 Wednesday
목요일 Thursday
금요일 Friday
토요일 Saturday
일요일 Sunday
Moon [wol]
fire [hwa]
water [su]
[mok] = tree
[geum] = gold, iron
[to] = earth, soil, ground
[il] Sun
화성 [hwa-seong] = Mars
수성 [su-seong] = Mercury
목성 [mok-seon] = Jupiter
금성 [geum-seong] = Venus
토성 [to-seong] = Saturn
Created by: brittanysmack



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