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Africa -Imperialism

Imperialism in africa

domination by a country of the political economic or cultural life of another country or region imperialism
two month voyage across the atlantic Middle Passage
the exchange of slaves for money and goods slave-gun cycle
two african tribes who became powerful from the slave gun cycle dahomey and ashanti
british ships that patrolled west africa and stopped any slave ships and freed the slaves west african patrol
colony established in africa for freed black americans Liberia
intense intrest of severla euro. nations to take over africa scramble for africa
years for the berlin conference 1884-1885
Three reasons for europes new interest in africa 1.Economics(Luxury Items , coffee , spices )2.Political Factors ( nationalism , ger. and italy wanted to catch up )3. Emotional factors ( belived they were better , white mans burden .
extreme nationalism chauvinism
extreme nationalism with a military attitude jingoism
possestion that is controlled by an imperial power directly colony
exclusive trading privilages spheres of influence
Country that has its own gov. but policies are steered by an imperial power protectorates
lwd the egyptians against the french muhammed ali
oppsed the bulding of the sueez canal muahmmed ali
defeated the italians in ethipoia menelik II
made congo his private property king leopold
what country took over the largest part of west africa france
who founded capetown dutch netherlands
10,000 covered wagons in the 1830's trying to get away from the british great trek
prime minister of cape colony ceccil rhodes
segregation policy in south africa apatheid
breaking up reigions balkanization
next time make it where people can't edit your documents. Thanks!!!!
Created by: 1sumoson
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