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Unit 4

Technology and Film Production

Assembly Edit Constructing a video program by transferring clips in sequence on the timeline
Bin In digital audio and video terms, a directory from which stored shots or sound segments are selected for use. It originally was a reference to a storage container lined with a cloth bag, into which cur film or sound stock could be arranged and hung
Capture The process of transferring digital video or audio to the computer for editing
Check List An organizational list made when planning for example, a checklist for a video shoot would include making sure you have everything you're going to need (cables, lights, microphone, video tape, tripod, camera, shot list, etc.)
Cut A visual transition in editing in which one shot is replaced on screen with another
Cutaway A shot other than, but related to, the main action
Drop out A momentary loss of a picture signal during tape playback
Dub To duplicate an audio tape or videotape also, to re-record dialogue with lip synchronization after a production is finished dubbing rights legal rights-generally obtained after a copyright fee is paid-making it possible to use copyrighted worked for prod
last part of Dub uction purposed
Effects Tools in the switcher or editing system that can be used for fades, wipes or special effects
Frame rate The frequency at which film or video frames run (i.e. 24 fps; 2997 Hz in NTSC; 25 Hz in PAL European format)
Genre/Style The classification of literature, movies, plays, etc. according to form and structure and the manipulation and interpretation of reality
Indexing The method of using the counter or time-code to log the location of audio and/or video on a tape
Inputs Connections on equipment (computer, camera, VCR, TV, etc.) used to transfer data from another piece of equipment
Insert Edit Replacing part of a previously edited video and/or audio segment with new material the opposite of assembly edit
Insert Shot A shot that provides close-up detail on the action
Master Video industry term for the tape containing the finished (editing) program
Moniter A TV set, normally without an RF tuner or audio circuitry, used for the checking of color, composition, etc. during a production
Natural Sound (NAT) Any naturally occurring sound recorded in the field, other that interviews
Non-Profit An organization that reinvests all profits back into the organization
Outputs Connections from the equipment (computer, camera, VCR) to transfer data to another piece of equipment (peripherals, computer, camera, VCR, TV, etc.)
Package A television story filed by a reporter which typically includes narration, a stand-up, bites, and accompanying video and natural sound
Point of view a shot from an angle that approximates what a designated actor is seeing at a particular moment
Post-Production The period in a project's development that takes place after the picture is delivered, or "after the production". This term might also be applied to video/film editing or refer to audio post-production
Pre-Production The planning stage of a production
Production The taping of the prodution
PSA (public service announcement) a message produced and broadcast at no charge for qualifying non-profit organizations
Render Computer process of performing the calculations to create detail in the three-dimensional
Royalty Money paid to the copyright owner for permission to use/ reproduce copyrighted material
Royalty- Free Material that can be used/ reproduced
Script The written blueprint for a production
Shot List A list made in the pre-production phase that lists all the shots needed to create the project during the production phase
Sound Effects Recordings of special or natural sounds such as footsteps, coughing, door closing, etc.
Sound on Tape (SOT) Sound on tape, a standard reference to a sound bite (Television Script Format)
Sources A person or reference used to substantiate claims made in a story
Storyboard Pictures (generally drawings) that illustrates the proposed sequence of shots in a production
Synchonization Sound and audio recorded with images so the words sync with the mouth
Talking head Slang for the typical (and not too exciting) head-and-shoulders shot of actors seen on talk shows and newscasts
Tally Light The red light on a video camera
Timeline A visual line stretching across a computer screen representing intervals of time on which video clips can be placed during non-linear editing
Track The path of a reordered signal on a videotape or disc
Transitions Video effects placed between scenes or edits to achieve a smooth transition (Ex Fade out, Fade in, Dissolve)
Wipes An optical transition effect in which one image is replaced by another with a boundary edge that moves in a selected pattern across the frame
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