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My Favorite Animated Characters

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer The most famous reindeer of all
Scooby Doo The mystery solving Great Dane
Zoey the Reindeer Rudolph's Girlfriend
Arrow the Reindeer Rudolph's cousin
Fred Jones The Square Jawed leader of Mystery Incorporated
Daphne Blake The Damsel in distress and skilled fighter of Mystery Incorporated
Velma Dinkley The first to solve the mystery
Shaggy Rogers Always says Zoinks!
Scrappy Doo Scooby's Nephew
Chrissy Doo Scooby's wife
14 Carat Doo Scooby and Chrissy's oldest son, 1
Jingle Doo Scooby and Chrissy's oldest daughter, 2
Maize Doo Scooby and Chrissy's s third oldest, 3
Knox Doo Scooby and Chrissy's Fourth oldest, 4
Flax Doo Scooby and Chrissy's second youngest, 5
Bling-Bling Doo Scooby and Chrissy's Youngest
Zuma The water dog
Chase The police dog
Marshall The fire dog
Skye The flying dog
Rubble The construction dog
Rocky The recycling dog
Everest The snow dog
Tundra The other snow dog
Drageon The father
Misteon The mother
Umbreon The oldest
Espeon The second oldest
Flareon The third oldest
Vaporeon The fourth oldest
Glaceon The fifth oldest
Sylveon The sixth oldest
Leafeon The seventh oldest
Jolteon The second youngest
Eevee The youngest
Created by: Migue