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Common Words (2)

Common French Words 2

au at the / to the / in the (Definite Article, Ref: Singular Masculine Noun)
avec with (Preposition)
moi I; me (Personal Pronoun)
si yes; if; so; such (Adverb, Conjunction)
quoi what [Exclamatory, Interrogative] (Adjective, Relative Pronoun, Interrogative Pronoun)
devoir to have to; must; duty; test (Verb, Noun)
oui yes (Adverb)
ils they [group of masc/fem mix] (Personal Pronoun)
comme as; like; how; same (Conjunction, Adverb)
venir to come; occur (Verb)
sur on / upon; over [prep] / sour [adj] (Preposition, Adjective)
toi you [Non-subject] (Personal Pronoun)
ici here (Adverb)
rien nothing (Indefinite Pronoun)
lui he; him; it; her (Personal Pronoun)
bon good; right; kind; good; voucher (Adjective, Noun, Adverb)
there / here / then (Adverb)
suivre to follow (Verb)
pourquoi why (Adverb, Conjunction)
parler to speak; to talk (Verb)
prendre to take; to get (Verb)
cette this; that [Fem, Singular] (Demonstrative Adjective)
quand when; whenever (Conjunction)
alors then; so; hence (Adverb)
une chose thing / matter (Noun)
par per / by / through / out of (Preposition)
son his; her; its (Possessive Adjective)
croire to believe; to think (Verb)
aimer to love; to like; to be fond of (Verb)
falloir it is necessary; must; have to (Verb)
comment how / what (Adverb, Conjunction)
très very (Adverb)
ou or; either (Conjunction)
passer to pass, to go by, to cross (Verb)
penser to think (Verb)
aussi also; too (Adverb)
jamais never (Adverb)
attendre to wait for; to expect (Verb)
trouver to find (Verb)
laisser to leave (Verb)
petit small; little; young; kid; child [Masc Noun] (Adjective, Noun)
merci thanks; thank you (Noun)
même same; even / so much as / as (Adverb, Adjective)
sa his; her; its [Feminine] (Possessive Adjective)
ta your [Feminine] (Possessive Adjective)
autre other / another / different [Singular] (Adjective, Indefinite Pronoun)
arriver to arrive (Verb)
ces these / those [Plural of "ce" and "cette"] (Demonstrative Adjective)
donner to give / to give away (Verb)
Created by: Wrakkar