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Hebrew 2 Extra

אָמַר He said
אָכַל He ate
אָהַב He loved
אָסַף He gathered
אָבַד He perished
אָבָה He was willing
אָפָה He baked
יָצָא He went out
קָרָא He called
נָשָא He lifted, he bore, he carried
מָצָא He found
יָרֵא He feared, he was afraid
מָלֵא He filled, he was full
חָטָא He sinned, he offended
טָמֵא He was unclean or impure
שָנֵא He hated, he was an enemy
קָרָא He (it) happened, he met, he encountered, it befell
נָבָא He prophesied (only nif and hitpael)
בָרָא He created
הָיָה He was, he became
עָשָה He did, he made
רָאָה He saw
עָלָה He went up
נָכָה He hit, he struck, he wounded (usually hifil)
נָפַל He fell
נָגַד He told, reported, he made known (only hif)
נָטָה He reached out, he extended
נָצַל He delivered, he rescued
נָגַע He touched, he hurt, he struck
נָסַע He set out, he broke camp
נָגַש He approached, he drew near
נָבָא He prophesied (only nif and hitpael)
נָחַם He had compassion, he comforted/consoled himself, he regretted, he was sorry
הָלַךְ He went, he walked
יָשַב He sat, he dwelt, he abode, he stayed
יָצָא He went out
יָדַע He knew
יָלַד He gave birth ; he sired (hif)
יָרַד He went down
יָרֵא He feared, he was afraid
יָרַש He dispossessed, he took possession of
יָסַף He added; he continued, he did again
יָשַע He saved, he rescued, he helped, he was victorious
יָכֹל He was able, he conquered
יָטַב He was good, pleasing
יָדָה He shot, he threw (qal, piel) He praised, he gave thanks, he confessed (hif)
יָתַר He/it was left over, remained (only nif and hif)
בוֹא To come, To go in, to enter
שוּב To turn, to return, to go back
מוּת To die
קוּם To rise, to arise, to stand up,
שִׂים To set, to place, to put
סוּר To turn aside
כוּן To establish (hif) To stand firm (nif)
רוּם To be high or exalted
בִׂין To understand, perceive
נוּס To flee, to escape
נוּחַַ To rest, to settle
בוֹש To be ashamed
רוּץ To run
סָבַב He surrounded, he turned around, he went around, he encircled
הָלַל He praised, he sang praises
חָלַל He profaned, he polluted, he defiled; He began
רעע He was bad, or evil, or displeasing
שמם I Be deserted/desolate/uninhabited II Shudder
פלל (hitpael) He prayed, he made intercession
קלל Qal: He was small/insignificant/of no account; Nif/Pi: he declared cursed; Hif: he lightened; he treated with contempt
חנן He was gracious/generous; he favored/showed favor to
תמם He was complete/finished/blameless; he ceased/came to an end; he was spent/burned out
Created by: Kamelper