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Greek 2 Vocab

ἁμαρτάνω I sin
δικαιοσύνη Righteousness
ἐάν Conditional particle, with substantive, if
εἴ With indicative, If
εὐαγγελίζωμαι Dep. with middle forms, I preach the gospel, I preach the gospel to (With acc. of the message preached and either acc or dat. of the person to whom it is preached.
ἵνα In order that
λαός A people
λοιπός Remaining (οι Λοιπος the rest, the remaining persons)
μακάριος Blessed
μαρτυρία Witnessing, a testimony, a Witness
μηδέ And not, nor, not even (With moods other than indicative)
μηκέτι No longer (with moods other than the indicative)
ὄχλος A crowd, a multitude
δεῖ Impersonal verb, used only in third person, it is necessary
ἔξεστιν Impersonal verb, used only in their third person, it is lawful
θέλω I wish
Ἰουδαῖος A Jew
κελευω I command
κώμη A village
μέλλω I am about (to do something) I am going (to do something)
οφείλω I owe, I ought
πάσχω I suffer
σωτηρία Salvation
πρό Prep with gen... before
Φαρισαιος A Pharisee
Χριστος Christ (o Χριστος The Messiah)
ἀγαπάω I love (the most frequent word for I love in the New Testament)
ακολουθεω I follow (takes dative)
Γαλιλαια Galilee
δηλοω I show, I make clear
ευλογεω I bless
ευχαριστεω I give thanks
ζητεω I seek
θεωρεω I gaze at, I stare intently at
καλέω, καλεσω, εκαλεσα, εκληθην I call
λαλεω I speak
παρακαλεω I exhort, I comfort
περιπατεω I walk
ποιεω I do, I make
προσκυνεω I worship (usually takes dative)
σταυροω I crucify
τηρεω I keep
τιμαω I honor
φιλεω I love (occurs much less frequently in the New Testament than αγαπαν)
χώρα A country, a region
ἀλλήλων Of each other, of one another
αποθάνουμαι I will die, Deponent
αποκτενω, απεκτεινα I kill
αποστέλω, απέστειλα I send
απω I take up, I take away
βάλω I will throw, I will cast
ἑαυτοῦ Reflexive pron (of him, her, it, self)
ἐγείρω, εγερω, ηγειρα I raise up
ἐμαυτοῦ Of myself
ἐπί Prep, with gen.m over, on, at the time of. With dat: On, on the basis of, at; with acc., on, to, against)
εσομαι I will be
μένω, εμεινα I remain
μετανοώ I repent
σεαυτου Of yourself
σπειρω, σπερω, εσπειρα, εσπαρην I sow
φοβεομαι Deep with passive forms. I am afraid, I fear, I am afraid of
ἀληθής True
ανηρ, ανδος A man,(ανηρ usually a man as distinguished from women and children)
αρχιρευς, απχιρερεως A chief priest
βασιλευς, βασιλεως a king
γενος, γενους a race, a kind
γραμματευς, γραμματεως A scribe
εθενος, εθονος, a nation, τα εθνη the nations, the Gentiles
ιερευς, ιερεως a priest
μητηρ, μητρος A mother
οζυς - εια sharp
ορος, ορους a mountain
τατηρ, πατρος a father
πιστις, πιστεως faith
πληρης Full
πολις, πολεως A city
Χαρις, Χαριτος Grace
δυο two
εις, μια, εν one
εηζ six
ετος, ετους a year
η, conj or
ηθελον They would (imperfect indic of θέλω)
Ιακωβος James
καθαρος Clean, pure
μεγας, μεγαλη, μεγα great
μηδεις, μηδεμια, μηδεν no one, nothing (with moods other than the indicative)
ολιγος little, few
ουςεις, ουσεμια, ουδεν no one, nothing (with indicative)
πας, πασα, παν all, every
πεντακισχιλιοι five thousand
πεντε five
πληθος, πληθους a multitude
πολυς, πολλη, πολυ Much, many
αιτεω I ask, I request
ει Whether, (in direct questions) the common meaning, if has already been given.
ἐπερωτάω I ask a question of, I question
ερωταω I ask a question, I ask a question, I question, I ask
καρπος fruit
κρισις, κρισεως a judgement
οπου Where (relative)
ος Who, which, that
οταν Whenever (with subjunctive)
οτε When (relative)
ουν conj, accordingly, therefore, then
πού Where (interrogative)
Tίς, τί INterrogative pron, Who? Which? What?
τις, τι indefinite pron.. someone, something, a certain one, a certain thing
φαγομαι very irregular (I eat)
αγιαζω I sanctify, I consecrate, I make/keep holy
αγρος field
γη earth, land
εγγυς near
ελεεω I have mercy on, I pity
οσος As great as, as much as, as many as
οστις, ητις, ο τι, (πλθρ. οτινες) Indef. Rel. pron, whoever, whichever, whatever
ους, ωτος an ear
οφθαλμος an eye
σκοτος, σκοτους darkness
υδωρ, υδατος water
φως, φωτος light
χειρ, χειρος a hand
ακηκοα I have heard
βεβαπτισμαι I have been baptized
γεγονα I have become
γεγραφα, γεγραμμαι, perf act and perf. pass. indic of γραφω I have written
γενναω I beget, I become the parent of
εγγιζω I come near
εγηγερται I have been raised
εγνωκα I have known
εληλυθα I have come/gone
ερρθην I have said
εωρακα I have seen
επαρακα I have seen
θνησκω I die, (used only in the perfect (τεθνηκα) I am dead (αποθνησκω is used)
μαρτυρεω I bear witness
Πετρος Peter
πληροω I fulfilled
ελασσων Less
εμος Belonging to me, my
εμπροσθεν In front, in the presence of (with gen)
ενωπιον Before, in the sight of, in the presence of (with gen)
εξω Outside, outside of (with gen)
εχθρος An enemy
η (with breathing marks) Conj, Than. (the meaning or has already been given)
ημετερος belonging to us, our
ιδιος Private, belonging to one's self, one's own
ικανος Sufficient, worthy, considerable
ισχυροτερος Stronger, Strong
καλως well
κρεισσων better,
μαλλον more, rather
μειζων Greater
μη Conj., lest, in order that not
μηποτε lest, lest perhaps
οπως in order that (takes the subjunctive; used very much as ινα is used)
παλιν again
πλειων more
σαββατον Sabbath
σος belonging to you (s., your)
υμετερος belonging to you, your
αιωνιος Of two terminations, the feminine being like the masculine throughout, Eternal
αντι with gen; instead of, for, in exchange for
αποδιδωμι I give back, I give what is owed or promised, I render, I pay
γυνη, γυναικος a woman
διδωμι I give
εγνων 2nd aor (of μι form) of γινωσκω, I know
εξουσια authority, followed by a genitive, authority over
εσχον 2nd aor. of εχω, I have (had)
ζαω I live (has n instead of a in the progressive system)
ιδου Demonstrative particle, Look! Behold!
μενος alone, only
οραω I see
παραδιδωμι I deliver over
πειραζω I tempt
ποιος interrogative pron., What sort of?
Σιμων, Σιμωνος Simon
ἐρῶ I shall say
ὑπάρχω I am, exist
καθίζω I seat, sit
ἐπιγινώσκω to know exactly, to recognize
λογίζομαι I account, reckon
ἅπτομαι I touch
βούλομαι I wish, determine
διακονέω I wait upon, serve, minister
βλασφημέω I revile, blaspheme
ἀσθενέω, I am weak
ἐπιτιμάω I rebuke, I warn
ἐπικαλέω I call, name, I invoke, I appeal to
γαμέω I marry
φρονέω I think
νίκαω I conquer
λυπέω I grieve
δικαιόω, I justify, pronounce righteous
μισέω I hate, (misogynist, a woman hater
δέκα Ten
δώδεκα twelve
ἑπτά seven
κατοικέω I inhabit, dwell
δέω I bind
πλανάω I lead astray
οἰκοδομέω I build, I edify
ὁμολογέω I confess, I profess
καταργέω I bring to naught, abolish
παρέρχομαι, I pass by, pass away, I arrive
ἀρνέομαι I deny
προσκαλέομαι I summon
ἡγέομαι, I am chief, I think, regard
ἀδικέω I wrong, do wrong
ἀπαγγέλλω, I announce, I report
παραγγέλλω I command, charge
μανθάνω, I learn
παρίστημι, I am present, stand by
συνίημι I understand
ὁμνύω/μι I swear, take an oath
ἐκβάλλω I cast out
ἰάομαι to heal
καυχάομαι to boast
κρατέω to be strong, rule
φωνέω to call out
ανοιγω I open
αρχη A beginning, a first thing, a principle
αφιυημι I let go, I permit, I leave, I forgive (When it means forgive αφιημι takes the acc. of the thing forgiven and the dat of the person to whom it is forgiven.)
επιτιθημι I lay upon (with acc. of the thing laid and dat. of the person or thing upon which it is laid)
ευρισκω I find
καθως just as
καιρος a time, a fixed time, an appointed time, an appropriate season
κωλυω I hinder, I prevent
μνημειον a tomb
μονον only
ουτε and not, nor ουτε.. neither... nor
πυρ, πυρος fire
στομα, στοματος a mouth
τιθημι I place, I put: τιθημι την ψυχην, I lay down my life
τοιουτος, τοιαυτη, τοιουτο such (often used with article)
υπαγω I go away
Χαριω I rejoice (εχαρην, 2nd air pass,. I rejoiced)
Χρονος time (especially a period or duration of time, as distinguished from
καιρος A definite or appointed time
ωδε hither, here
ωσπερ just as
ωστε so that
ανιστημι I cause to rise, in the pres, fut and 1st air act. intransitive, I stand up, I arise, in the 2nd air and perf. act and in the middle
δοκεω I seem, I think
δυναμαι Dep, I am able
δυναμις, δυναμεως power, a miracle
εβην 2nd aor (of the θι μι form= of βαινω conj like the 2nd air of ιστημι
ετερος Another (sometimes, but not always, implies difference of kind, whereas αλλος often denotes mere numerical distinction)
ιστημι I cause to stand, in pres., fut and 1st aor. act intransitive, I stand, in the perf. which has the sense of a present = I stand and in the 2nd air
καθημαι Deep of the μι form I sit (καθημενος, sitting)
ολος whole, all
δμοιος Like, similar (with the date of that to which something is similar)
παραγινομαι I become near, I arrive, I come (παραγινομαι εις την πολιν, I arrive in the city)
φανεροω I make known, I reveal
φημι I say
ως as when
αρα then, therefore
απολλυμι (απολλυω) I destroy; mid., I perish
αχρι with gen., up to, as far as, until; as a conjunction, until while
δεικνυμι, δεικνυω I show, I demonstrate
διο Therefore, for this reason
επιθυμια a strong desire, lust
εργαζομαι dep. I work
εως Until, while; as a preposition with gen., up to, as far as, unto
θλιψις Tribulation
θρονος A throne
μεσος middle, in the midst
μεχρι with gen. Until, as far as, to the degree that, as a conj., until
οιδα 2nd perfect. used as pres., I know
τε Enclitic conj., and furthermore, also τε... τε.. not only... but also τε is somewhat closer to and, while δε is somewhat closer to but.
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