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hebrew 2 (All Vocab)

Hebrew 2 Vocab

לָחַם He fought (usu nifal)
עֶֶׂ֫שֶׂר Ten
אֶֶׂ֫לֶׂף Thousand, cattle
לָכַד He captured
פֶּה Mouth
חֶֶׂ֫רֶׂב Sword (f)
אֵשׁ Fire (noun) (f)
שָדֶׂה Field, pasture land (m)
גְּבוּל Boundary, territory, border
רֶֶׂ֫כֶׂב Chariot
נָא Indicates a volitive; please, surely, now, particle of entreaty or emphasis
חֶֶׂ֫סֶׂד Steadfast love, covenant faithfulness, loyalty, devotion, lovingkindness
מִשְּׁפָחָה Clan, family,
חָזַק He was strong, he took courage (qal) He seized (hif)
קֶֶׂ֫רֶׂב Midst, inward part, בְּקֶֶׂ֫רֶׂב = in the midst of
כָבֵד He had glory/honor He was heavy/dull
מֶַ֫עַל Upward, above, over
שָׁבַע He swore (as in an oath) (nif and hif)
עוֹלָם Forever, everlasting (past or future), antiquity
מִזְּבֵחַַ Altar (m) plural: מִזְּבְּחוֹת
מַעֲשֶׂה Work, deed, act, product
קָבַר He buried
נַחֲלָה Inheritance, portion, possession
צָפוֹן North
דּוֹר Generation, period (of time), an age
עָזַב He abandoned, he left behind, he forsook
בֶַ֫עַל Lord, master, owner, ruler, Baal
אַף Nose, anger (noun) Surely, indeed (conj)
סָבִיב Around, surrounding, about
עוֹד Still, yet
אֹיֵב Enemy, foe
שָׁחַת He destroyed, he ruined, he spoiled
יֶַ֫עַן Because, on account of
לְּמֶַ֫עַן For the sake of, on account of, in order to
בִלְּתִי Negates an infinitive: not, so that not,
שְּׁמֹנֶׂהַַ שְּׁמֹנָה Eight
יָמִין Right hand, south
מִנְּחָה Gift, offering, tribute
קָרַב He drew near, he approached
כִסֵא Seat, throne, chair
בֶַ֫עַד Through, behind
אַךְ Indeed, surely, only, especially
רֶֶׂ֫גֶׂל Foot (f)
פֶֶׂ֫תַח Door, doorway, opening, entrance
פָתַח He opened
עַתָה Now
חַטָאת Sin, sin offering
מַטֶׂה Rod, staff, tribe
בָקַשׁ He sought, he inquired (only piel)
עֵדַָה Congregation, assembly, witness
שָׁלַךְ He threw down, he threw away
מַמְּלָכָה Kingdom, dominion
הִיא She (pronoun) [Sometimes spelled הִַואַ ]
שֶֶׁׂ֫בַע Seven
צָבָא Army, host
קֶֹ֫דֶׂשׁ Holiness (noun)
שָׁמַר He guarded, he kept, he watched
אַרְּבַע /אַרְּבָעָה Four
מִשְּׁפָט Judgment, custom, decision, practice
מִי Who?
שַר Chief, official, leader, ruler
שָׁמֶַ֫יִם Heaven(s), sky
רַב Great, many, much (adj)
בֵין בַיִן Between
כֶֶׂ֫סֶׂף Money, silver (noun)
מָקוֹם A place (noun), location mp :מְּקֹמוֹתַ
יָם Sea, plural יַמִים
זָהָב Gold (noun)
רוּחַַ Breath, wind, spirit
נְּאֻם Utterance, declaration
שֶַׁ֫עַר Gate
דָּם Blood
אָנֹכִיַַַ אֲנִי I (pronoun)
מָלַךְ He reigned, he ruled, he was king
אֶֹ֫הֶׂל Tent, dwelling
לֶֶׂ֫חֶׂם Bread, food
עָשָר Ten
עֵץ Wood, tree
בָרַךְ He blessed (only piel)
כְּלִי Article, vessel, utensil, implement
אוֹ Or
בְּתוֹךְ Within, in the midst of
מִלְּחָמָה Battle, war
נָבִיא Prophet
רַע Bad, evil (adj) Or evilness, malice (substantive)
פָקַד He visited (in judgment or blessing), he took care of, etc.
מְּאֹד Very, exceedingly (adj/adv) Abundance (noun)
עֵת Time (m or f, mostly f)
כָרַת He cut
עָבַד He served, he worked, he was a slave, he worshiped
בְּרִית Covenant
עֹלָה A burnt offering
אַתֶׂם You (pronoun, mp)
חֶֹ֫דֶׂשׁ Month, new moon
אֶֶׂ֫בֶׂן A stone (f)
צאֹן Flock, herd, small cattle, sheep, goats
שֵׁשַַׁ שִׁשָה Six
בָשָר Flesh, meat
מִדְּבָר Wilderness, dessert
רָשָׁע Guilty, wicked, criminal (adj)
חַי Alive, living (adj)
אַמָה A cubit
חֶַ֫יִל Strength, virtue, ability, wealth
נֶַ֫עַר Lad, young boy, a youth
אֵל A god
שָׁלוֹם Peace, wholeness, prosperity, welfare,
זָכַר He remembered
לֶַ֫יְּלָה Night (m) plural לֵילוֹת
עָוֹן Sin, guilt, punishment
זֶֶׂ֫רַע Seed, offspring, descendants
כָתַב He wrote
מוֹעֵד Meeting, appointed time
תוֹרָה Law, teaching, instruction
אֲדָמָה Ground, land, earth
אֵם Mother
בֶֶׂ֫גֶׂד Clothing, garment(s)
מַחֲנֶׂה Camp (noun), encampment
בֶֹ֫קֶׂר Morning
מַלְּאָךְ Messenger, angel
שָׁכַב He lay down, he had intercourse with
צַדִּיק A just or righteous person
שָׁפַט He judged
אֲרוֹן Box, chest, ark
כָבוֹד Glory, honor, splendor
כַף Palm of hand, sole of foot
שֶֶׁׂ֫מֶׂן Oil, fat
חָצֵר Courtyard, enclosure, village, settlement
סֵֶ֫פֶׂר Book, scroll, document
בְּהֵמָה Animal, beast, cattle
שֵֶׁ֫בֶׂט Rod, staff, tribe
אֶֹ֫זֶׂן Ear
רֵעַַ Friend, neighbor, companion
מִצְּוָה Commandment (noun)
בָקָר Cattle, herd, ox
רִאשׁוֹן First (sequentially or in prominence), former
זָקֵן Old (adj) Old man or an elder (noun)
לֶָ֫מָה Why?
שָפָה Lip, language, shore
שָׁאַל He asked, he consulted, he requested,
בָחַר He chose (note: its object is marked with a ב
אֶַ֫יִל Ram
קָדַשׁ He was holy
הָרַג He killed
מְּלָאכָה Work, occupation, service
אַחֵר Other, another, foreign
דָּרַשׁ He sought, he inquired
חוּץ Outside, street
זֶֶׂ֫בַח A sacrifice (noun)
לְּבַד Alone, only
גִַבוֹר Strong, mighty, valiant (adj); Mighty man, warrior (noun
צְּדָקָה Righteousness (noun)
שָמַח He was joyful, he was glad
שֵׁנִי Second
חָכְּמָה Wisdom, skill
מֶָ֫וֶׂת Death
נֶֶׂ֫גֶׂד In front of, before, opposite
רֹב Abundance, multitude, greatness
שָׁבַר He broke
עֲבֹדָה Labor, service, work
רָדַף He pursued, he persecuted
שֶַׁׂ Which, that (attached to the word)
אָז Then, since, before
יֶַ֫יִן Wine
חַיִים Life
מִשְּׁכָן Tabernacle, dwelling
נְּחֶֹ֫שֶׁׂת Copper, bronze,
חָכָם Wise, skillful
יֵשׁ Particle of existence, there is, there are
סוּס Horse
נֶַ֫חַל Wadi, bed of a watercourse (dry in some seasons)
זָבַח He sacrificed, he slaughtered for sacrifice
מִסְּפָר A number
עֶֶׂ֫רֶׂב Evening, sunset
שֶֶׁׂ֫מֶׂשׁ Sun
אַף Also, surely, even, indeed
חוֹמָה Wall
פֶׂן Lest
פַר Bull, ox, steer (f: heifer cow)
שָׁאַר He/it was left over, remained
חֹק Statute, decree, law, something prescribed
נָשִיא Leader, chief, prince
שָׁכַן He settled, he dwelt
אָמֵן Faithfulness, trust, truth, fidelity
קָבַץ He gathered, he collected
כֹחַַ Strength, power
עֶֶׂ֫צֶׂם Bone, skeleton, substance, self
חֵמָה Heat, anger, rage
חֲצִי Half
חָשַׁב He thought, he considered, he reckoned
צֶֶׂ֫דֶׂק Righteousness
קָהָל Assembly, crowd, congregation
אֲנֶַ֫חְּנוּ We (pronoun)
אוֹר Light (noun, f)
בְּכוֹר First born
אָחוֹת Sister
יָשָׁר Straight, right, upright (adj)
נָהָר River, stream
פְּרִי Fruit
בָטַח He trusted
פֶַ֫עַם Footstep, occurrence, instance, time [Note typo in new PVP cards!]
תוֹעֵבָה Abomination, detestable thing
גָדַל He was great, wealthy, important
לָשׁוֹן Tongue, language
קָדוֹשׁ Holy, sacred, set apart (adj)
שָרַף He/it burned
שָׁפַךְ He poured out, he spilled
שָׁלֵם He/it was complete, was finished, was made whole
קָטַר He burned as a sacrifice
מִגְּרָשׁ Common land, open land, pasture
שֶֶׁׂ֫קֶׂר Deception, falsehood, a lie
לָבַשׁ He dressed, he clothed
עַמוּד Pillar, column
כָנָף Wing, extremity, edge
שַׁבָת Sabbath
עָפָר Dust, debris, loose dry earth
רַק Only
שְּׁלִישִׁי Third
הֵן Behold! Look!
כֶֶׂ֫בֶׂש Lamb
סָפַר He counted, he measured (qal) He recounted, told (piel)
בָמָה (cultic) high place
גָאַל He redeemed, he claimed, he ransomed
חֻקָה Statute, ordinance, decree, something prescribed
תָמִיד Continually, always (adv) Continuousness (noun)
מַרְּאֶׂה Sight, appearance, vision
כָפַר He covered, he atoned for, he appeased
שָׁכַח He forgot
מְּעַט A little, a few
רֹחַב Width, breadth
רָעָב Famine, hunger
הַיוֹם The day, or “today”
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