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SB82 Immunology

SB82 Immunology - Loosely taken from Fiser's ABSITE review Chp4 on Immunology

Antigen that marks all T cells CD3
B cells mature into this cell type Plasma cell
What cytokine causes B cells to mature into plasma cells? IL-4
What cytokine causes T cells to mature into cytotoxic T cells? IL-2
What cytokines are released by Th1 cells? IL-2 and IFN-gamma
Th2 cells release this cytokine IL-4
CD8 antigen found on cytotoxic T cells recognize what substances? Non-self antigens on MHC-1 receptors
What cell type recognizes viral antigens? Cytotoxic T cells
What cell type recognizes intracellular pathogens? Cytotoxic T cells
What happens when cytotoxic T cells detect an MHC-I presented non-self antigen? It causes the presenting cells to undergo lysis/apoptosis
MHC class I is found on which cell types? All nucleated cells and platelets
MHC class II is found on which cell types? B cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, all APCs
Natural killer cells recognize this cell type Cells that lack self-MHC
NK cells are part of the _______________ (innate vs. acquired) immune system Innate
The variable regions of immunoglobulins are involved in this process Antigen recognition
The constant regions of immunoglobulins are recognized by these cell types PMNs and macrophages
Which antibodies fix complement? IgM and IgG
Which antibody crosses the placenta during pregnancy? IgG
Which antibody is found in Peyer’s patches? IgA
What cell type is the major source of histamine in the blood? Basophils
What cell type is the major source of histamine in tissue? Mast cells
These two common tumor associated antigens are involved in liver cancer and colon cancer AFP and CEA
IL-2 converts lymphocytes to this cell type active in the immune response to this situation Lymphokine-activated killer cells help with the immune response to tumor (infiltration)
IFN-gamma upregulates what molecules? MHC I and II
TNF-alpha is released by what cell type? Cytotoxic T cells
TNF-alpha causes what response in target cells? Lysis
TGF-beta is a growth factor for what cell type? Epithelial cells
TGF-beta is released by many tumor cells, and causes suppression of what immune cell types? Cytotoxic T cells and lymphokine-activated killer cells
Created by: StudyBug82
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