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Schindler's List

Chapters 1 - 15

On what date did General List's armored divisions take Krakow September 6, 1939
What characteristics of Krakow did Schindler pinpoint that would make the town a boomtown of the new regime railroad junction, modest industries
What was Schindler's hometown Zwittau
For what profession was Schindler educated engineering
What religion did the Schindler family practice Catholicism
What was Oskar Schindler's favorite sport as a young man racing motorcycles
Why did Oskar's father disapprove of his marriage he could see it would be the same kind of uneasy marriage as his own
Since the pair were so mismatched some in the village began to suspect Oskar had another reason for the marriage. What was the other reason her dowry of a half million Reich marks
On what grounds did Schindler abhor military life discomfort
What talents did Schindler possess which enabled him to get a job even in the midst of the Depression business contacts, conviviality, salesmanship, ability to hold his liquor
What could the women of Schindler's family see about him and his father that he could not see for himself that they were brothers separated by the accident of paternity
Why did Schindler wear the emblem of the Sudeten German Party to be successful in business - if you went in wearing the emblem, you got the order
Who were the two people whose opinions Schindler most respected Emilie and his father
Why did Emilie believe Hitler would not succeed she believed he would be punished for making himself God
What position did Schindler accept in the Foreign Section of the Abwehr spy
What was Stern's procedure for dealing with unsuitable currency he burned them
How did he write off these transactions free samples
What was Stern's first impression of Schindler he was not a manageable German
By government edict, what was Stern obligated to tell Schindler that he was a Jew
What other edicts had been passed by Hans Frank in the seven weeks of the new Order in Poland declare their origins, carry a distinctive registration card, the preparation of kosher meats was forbidden, forced labor for Jews, food rations were little more than half that of a non-Jewish Pole, all Krakovian Jews were required to register
How did Stern believe the Jewish race would survive petitioning / buying off authorities
In what Polish company was Schindler interested Rekord - an enamelware factory
What was Stern's ancestral gift the ability to sniff out the just Goy who could be used as a buffer or partial refuge against he savageries of others
What did Stern come to believe about his first meeting and conversation with Schindler that at that moment he had dropped the right seed in the right furrow
What other Krakow Jew met Schindler that autumn Leopold Pfefferberg
What had been Pfefferberg's job before he was in the army high school P.E. teacher
How did Pfefferberg support himself after his escape once the Jewish schools closed selling jewelry on the black market
Why did Schindler visit Pfefferberg's mother to offer her a commission
Of what disease did his friends say Schindler suffered generosity
What kind of officers was Schindler able to sniff out sympathetic ones
Beyond practical results, what purpose was the first Aktion meant to serve to provide notice to the dismayed people of the old Jewish quarter
The Einsatz soldiers knew that a struggle for national existence meant what race warfare
What did Special Chivalrous Duty mean the hot barrel of a gun
What was the Madagascar Plan that Madagascar should become one large concentration camp
What would replace the Madagascar solution Zyklon B
During the campaign around Warsaw, what had the Einsatzgruppen done to the Jews hung them up in the synagogue, ruptured their systems with water, raided their homes on Sabbath or feast days, cut off their prayer locks, set their prayer shawls afire, stood them against a wall
What would the gangster Redlicht refuse to do spit on the Torah
Who was Schindler's Polish mistress Victoria Klonowska
Who was Schindler's German mistress Ingrid
What did Schindler always believe was the best way to untie bureaucracy's Gordian know short of bribery booze
How many members sat on the Judenrat 24
How had the Jews always bought off the civil authorities cooperating with them then negotiating
How many members are there, at any given point in time, of the Righteous of the Nations 36
List items considered to be portable wealth. diamonds, gold, trade goods
What was Schindler by nature a payer
In Chapter 6, how many Jews was Schindler employing at his factory 150
Other than Schindler who was considered to be a sympathizer Julius Madritsch
Stern believed that Schindler's problem with the C's would only become relevant upon what occasion if he established a brutal pattern
What had the main work for the Judenrat become drawing up lists for forced labor for transfer to the camps
What did Schindler give Klonowska for Christmas a poodle
What did Schindler give Emilie and Ingrid for Christmas jewelry
What did Schindler notice was missing from the Church of St. Mary the triptych
What did Schindler like about under-the-counter business the sport, the disrepute, the fast returns, the lack of paperwork
What was new edict "Gen. Gub 44/91" establishment of the Jewish ghetto
What often happened to pretty, brilliant daughters of city Jewry as they emerged from lecture halls their faces were slashed with razors
What did the ghetto represent stasis instead of flux
How much did Schindler pay per day for skilled workers 7.50 Reich marks
How much did Schindler pay per day for unskilled workers 5 Reich marks
What did Madritsch's factory produce uniforms
What was Stern's objective for having Schindler and Madritsch employ more Jews to give the ghetto economic permanence
Once moved to the ghetto, what kind of home could a man with a wife and a large family expect two rooms and use of a kitchen
What happened to Edith Liebhold's husband he had wandered into the forest and never returned
What was the main thing Schindler wanted to relate to his new workers they were safe; if they worked with him they would live through the war
Who were Schindler's allies against his father his aunts, his sister, Emilie
What excuse did Schindler give his friends for not being in uniform essential industry
When all education for Jews was abolished in December 1940, what job was Poldek offered managing the waiting lines and keeping the appointments book in the Judenrat housing office
What illegal goods did Pfefferberg run while working at the housing office leatherwork, jewelry, furs, currency
What about Pfefferberg made it easy for him to move around easily outside the ghetto his Aryan looks
Who was the final authority for all Jewish matters in Krakow SS Oberfuhrer Julian Scherner
What did Scherner favor over killing the Jews working them
What rumor made Pfefferberg want to escape the force that all OD men would be made to swear an oath to Hitler
What event made Schindler know that the Madagascar Plan was finished Germany's invasion of Russia
Why did Herr Schindler believe Hitler wasn't meant to last he thought America would come down on him in the end
At the end of 1941 when Schindler was arrested, the Gestapo men asked for what his cashbooks / ledgers
How many names did Schindler give Klonowska to call the first time he was arrested 4
What was Schindler sure his first arrest concerned the black market
How much were the municipal authorities offering for every Jew betrayed 500 zl
What did the Dresner boys nickname the child that moved in with them Redcap
In reference to the child who moved in with the Dresners - what was the child's real name Genia
In reference to the child who moved in with the Dresners - with what relative did the child behave like a child her uncle, Idek Schindel
For what crime was Schindler arrested the second time kissing Jewish girl
What reputation did Montelupich prison have provided corpses to the Jagiellonion Institute of Anatomy
How many names did Schindler write on his call list the second time he was arrested 12
Czurda told Schindler that the Jews no longer had a future and that it was no longer old-fashioned Jew hate. What was it now policy
What color new sticker did the ghetto people hope the German clerks would attach to their identity cards blue
How did Olek Rosner escape the ghetto and imminent Aktion under the cape of Richard the chef's girlfriend
How old was Olek Rosner when he escaped the ghetto 6
Why had Pfefferberg refused Schindler's offer to come to Emalia he felt it would be too constricting on his illegal activities
What medicine, other than cyanide, did the ghetto hospital have water
What happened to Szepessi because he had been so helpful he was sent to Auschwitz
What did Toffel tell Schindler to do unless he expected a break in production set up some camp beds for his night shift until after the first Sabbath in June
When did Toffel suggest Schindler take his suggestion concerning the break in production by the first Sabbath in June
What did Toffel know that Schindler did not procedures in the ghetto were getting more intense
Who did not show up to work on June 3 Abraham Bankier
What had happened to the person in "Chapter 14" who did not show up to work on June 3 marched out of the ghetto
What were those lined up for the cattle cars at the rail station still convinced of the value of passive and orderly response
In "Chapter 14" where was Schindler's missing employee already on a cattle car
Late the previous year Schindler had seen an invitation for bids for the construction of something that now seemed very relevant. What was the bid for construction of crematoria
In reference to the construction bids Schindler knew of in "Chapter 14", where was this construction to take place Lublin
How many more of Schindler's workers were at the rail station 13
What had Schindler's workers failed to pick up from the old Polish Savings Bank their blue stickers
What did the cattle cars tell those still left at the station "We are all beasts together."
Why were the elderly being taken to the Wieliczka salt mines to seal them into unused chambers
What became clear during the day about the OD's bludgeoning of some people it was saving them from worse things
What was the new rule for the OD if you failed to deliver a family your own family was forfeit
Who was in the line of women and children being marched out of the ghetto in "Chapter 15" that caught Schindler's attention Red Genia
Behind the departing column of women and children, SS men with dogs continued to work. What happened to those Jews who emerged from the buildings then they were shot
How did Schindler know the SS men participating in the Aktion in "Chapter 15" feel no shame they didn't keep Genia from seeing what they were doing
In reference to the Aktion witnessed by Schindler in "Chapter 15," what was even worse if there was no shame it had official sanction
In "Chapter 15" why were the SS men permitting witnesses the witnesses would perish, too
How old was Dr. Schindel's niece 3
What Schindel's niece saved yes
Where did Schindel's niece hide under the bed
What special weight did Schindler place on the day he witnessed the Aktion in "Chapter 15" he would do everything he could to defeat the system
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