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5E LV points

5E LV/VIII point location with names

VIII.1 Great Esteem, Wood, Horary 1am-3am, Entry. Lateral nail point of big toe
VIII.2 Walk Between, Fire, Sedation. On dorsum of foot, b/t 1st and 2nd toe, distal to base of prox phalanx
VIII.3 Supreme Rushing, Earth, Source. On dorsum of foot, in angle b/t 1st and 2nd mt bones
VIII.4 Middle Seal, Metal. At ant flex of ankle, b/t tib ant and ehl tendons. (Occasionally med to tendon of tib ant tendon.
VIII.5 Insect Ditch, Junction. On medial surface of leg, 6 ACI prox to prom of med mall, post to edge of tib
VIII.6 Middle Capital. On med leg, 8 ACI prox to prom of med mall, post to edge of tibia
VIII.7 Knee Border. On med leg, 12 ACI prox to prom of med mall, post to edge of tibia
VIII.8 Crooked Spring, Water, Tonification. On med knee, post to med condyle of tibia, near end of knee crease
VIII.9 Yin Wrapping. On med thigh, 5 ACI prox to knee crease, b/t sartoius and add m
VIII.10 Five Miles. On ant thigh on pectineus m, med to fem art, 1ACI dist to groin flexure
VIII.11 Yin Angle. On groin flexure, lat to fem art.
VIII.12 Hasty Pulse. On groin flexure, 2 ACI lat to midline of pubis symphysis
VIII.13 Chapter Gate, Assembly of Yin organs, Meeting point of solid organs. Ant tip of 11th rib
VIII.14 Gate of Hope, Exit. On inf edge of rib cage, on paramedian nipple line, b/t XIII.11 and XIII.12
Created by: aromalink