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Egyptian Mythology!

Egyptian Mythology and Pharaohs by Tony D.

God of mummification and the afterlife; has the head of a jackal. Anubis
Goddess of the moon and cats; has the head of a cat as well. Bast
God of the Earth; husband of Nut; one of the first Beings of Creation. Geb
Goddess of the Sky; Wife of Geb; one of the first Beings of Creation Nut
Goddess of fertility and cows; wife of Horus. Hathor
God of the Sun; often had the head of a falcon. Often combined with Amen, as the god Amen-Ra. Ra
God of Wisdom and learning. Often depicted with the head of an ibis. Thoth
God of chaos and deserts. Killed Osiris, his brother. Set or Seth
God of the Sky, Sun, and War. Overcame Set in revenge for his father’s death. Son of Isis and Osiris. Sometimes seen with the head of a falcon. Horus
Green-skinned God of the Underworld and Death, after being killed and torn into 4 pieces by Set. Husband and brother of Isis; father of Horus. Osiris
Goddess of motherhood, crops, simplicity. Instrumental in bringing Osiris back to life. Wife and sister of Osiris; mother of Horus. Isis
Warrior goddess; protector of pharaohs. Has the head of a lioness. Sekhmet
Counterpart of Isis; symbolizes death transition; married to Set. Nephthys
Pharaoh deified into the God of Medicine and Healing. Imhotep
symbol meaning life and rebirth Ankh
sacred beetle symbolizing the sun Scarab
Used as a counter-balance against the heart in the Underworld; represents truth. Feather
Sacred animals in Egypt; said to be avatars of the gods. Cats
symbol representing the sun, after Isis restored Horus’ eye following his fight with Set. Eye of Horus
sacred fire-bird that dies in flames and is reborn; symbol of fire and divinity Pheonix
creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. They enjoy riddles. Sphinx
of the longest-reigning pharaohs; one of even fewer women. Queen Hatshepsut
Famous for escapades with Caesar and Mark Antony. Commited suicide by asp. Queen Cleopatra
promoted the monotheistic Atenism; husband of Nefertiti. Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV)
Wife of Akhenaten; step-mother of Tutankhamen. Known for attempts to change polytheistic religion to monotheism. Nefertiti
began rule at 9. Rejected religion of Akhenaten; tomb found intact in the Valley of Kings. King Tut (Tutankhamen)
Led campaigns against Syria, defeated Hittites, and expanded empire. Built monuments in his honor; deified as a god. Attempted to erase the Amarna Period. Ramses II
Builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Khufu
A series of Macedonian rulers that succeeded Alexander the Great in Egypt. Ptolemy
first engineer and architect known by name; created or improved papyrus; deified. Imhotep
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