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Snow-Battle of the Books/Hatchet

What is Brian given by his mother to help him in the woods? hatchet
Why does the pilot die? heart attack
What word does Brian think is an ugly word? divorce
Brian is bothered by a Secret he knows about whom? his mother
What does Brian use for a bow string? shoe string
What insect continues to bother Brian? mosquitoes
What animal does Brian see when he is eating berries? bear
Brian is slapped with the tail of an animal. Which one? porcupine
What does Brian do after he ate too many berries? vomit
What does the main character pull out of his leg? quills
Brian has a dream about his friend making a what? fire
What type of storm tore up Brian's camp? tornado
Brian remembers the city as gray and black. How does he remember the scenery of the woods? green and blue
How often does the boy repeat this message: "I need help. Is there anybody listening to me?" every 10 minutes
What kind of eggs does Brian eat? turtle eggs
What does Brian use to catch fish? a two-headed spear
What is Brian's dad's job? a mechanical engineer
What is special about the long part of the "L" of the lake? He lives there.
What does Brian remember is in the tail of the plane? survival pack
Brian had to remember that water bends what before he could spear a fish? light
Brian can spot birds in the woods better when he sees them as what? shapes
What caused the plane crash? the pilot died
How did Brian's rib's get hurt? the moose attacked him
Who wrote Hatchet? Gary Paulsen
What happened to Brian's hatchet when he dove down to the plane? He drops it in the lake.
Created by: jsnow



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