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huck finn

Abolitionist a person who opposes slavery
beliefs give information that apeales to the values and beliefs of your audience
contrive predict or guess
contrite feeling of sorrow for offences
dialect a regional form of language characterised by varying spelling, pronunciations, and grammatical rules
dramatic irony situations where the reader or audience knows more about what is happening then the characters
expository a type of writing that gives or exposes information
emotion give details that stir emotions in your reader
explanations provide explanations for your reasons that apeal to logic , emotions, or beliefs
figurative language using language to paint a vivid description or create a special effect
gaudy extravagent and tasteless
hyperbole a discription that is greatly exagerated
irony a literary technique that involves a contrast between how things are and how they apear to be
idiom a figure of speach or a phrase that is not taken literaly
loll to sit lazily
narrative a type of writing that tells a story
notion an idea about something
oxymoron bringing two words with opposite meanings together
ornery stubborn
pun a word or words that either have multiple meanings or sound alike and as a result makes a sentence clever or humorous
plunder stolen goods or loot
persuasive a type of writing used to convince a reader that a particular point of veiw is the correct one
repetition state your point multiple times but state it in different ways so the writing doesn't become too reductant
reasons provide rational at logical reasons for your argument
situational irony when the outcome or effect is the opposit of what was expected
similes metaphores analogies use these writing techniques to relate to something that the reader can understand and remember
slavery slavery was a cruel institution that once dominated the southern economy in the united states and impacted african americans untill it was abolished
Created by: shirehorse48
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