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early Latin Lit

Naevius to Pictor

A playright from Campaignia and fought in the 1st punic war, best known for his use of the Saturnian Verse Ennius
He si the father of latin prose and is a novus homo and known for being very old school. He worte tha Origines and De Agri Cultura Cato
Introduces Drama to Rome in 240 b.c. and composed poems of greeks type into Latin Andronicus
Took Greek Plays and Romanized them. Known for his slapstick styles and puns, wordplay. He wrote the Amphitruo, Mostellaria, Aulularia, Miles Gloriosus Plautus
A slave of Cato became Author more true to the greek style of plays, Andria, Hecyra, heautontimorumenos, Eunuchus,Phormio, adelphoi. Terrance
A playwright and literary scholar and wrote 37 tragedied one the Annales about mythological histories in hexameters Pacuvius
The father os Satire which was known as Tota Nostra. Lucilius
The first real roman historian. He wrote Roman history in greek which included the punic wars Pictor
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