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Match the explorer with the corresponding facts

Christopher Columbus sailed Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria to the Caribbean islands
Hernando de Soto discovered Mississippi River
Ferdinand Magellan 1st voyage to circumnavigate the globe (died in Philippines)
Bartolomeu Dias 1st to sail around the Cape of Good Hope (Africa)
Vasco de Gama first European to sail directly to India
Henry Hudson sailed for England and Dutch East India Co. searched for Northwest Passage, explored parts of Canada and northern US
Samuel de Champlain French explorer who founded Quebec; "Father of New France"
Vasco de Balboa became governor of Panama; 1st European to see the Pacific Ocean, claimed it for Spain
James Cook sailed the Endeavor to Australia and New Zealand; charted 1st accurate map of the Pacific.
Sir Francis Drake pirate and slaver; plunders Spanish settlements and fought the Spanish Armada; 1st Englishman to circumnavigate the globe
Marco Polo traveled to China; served in the court of Kublai Khan; book of his travels titled "The Description of the World" of " Il Milione"
Hernan Cortez explored Mexico and overthrew the Aztecs
Giovanni Verrazano Italian who sailed for France to the New World and charted much of the coast of North America (from Florida to New York)
Amerigo Vespucci voyages to the New World were basis for South American map; America is named for him
John Cabot Italian who landed in Canada, claiming it for England.
Francisco Pizarro joined Balboa's Pacific expedition; later conquered the Incas in Peru
Jacques Cartier sailed to the New World for France; explored the St. Lawrence River and lands that would become Canada
Zheng He diplomat and explorer from China who traveled as far as Africa
Juan Ponce de Leon this conquistador served as the first governor of Puerto Rico; named Florida after landing there in his search for the fountain of youth
Lief Ericson this Viking was the first European to reach North America
Roald Amundsen this Norwegian sailed the Northwest Passage and was the first to reach the South Pole
Ibn Battuta this Moroccan traveler set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca and continued his travels for 30 more years, reaching China, Europe and Africa's east coast
David Livingstone Scottish medical missionary crossed Africa, sighted Victoria Falls and searched for the source of the Nile
Sir Walter Raleigh this favorite of Queen Elizabeth I championed North American colonization and helped establish a failed colony at Roanoke
Pedro Cabral Portuguese explorer was the first to Brazil and established a successful sea route to India
Jacques Marquette French missionary was part of an expedition with Joliet to map the Mississippi River