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Graphic Design Final

Joseph Nicephore Niepce Made the world's first permanent photograph
Edweard Muybridge Invented the zooraxiscope to prove that all four hooves of a hours come off the ground when they run
James Van Dar Zee Photographed Harlem in the 1920s
Alfred Steiglitz Was married to the famous painter, Georgia O'Keefe
Pedro Meyer A well-known photographer based in Mexico and founder of the ZoneZero website
Steve McCarry Famous for his photo of the Afghan Girl which was on the cover of National Geographic Magazine
Howard Bingham Photographed Muhammad Ali during his fighting career
William Eggleston Photographed ordinary everyday things
Ansel Adams Famous for his western landscape photos
Debbie Wahl Food stylist
Maui Kay Food photographer
Dorthea Langue Best known for her famous photos of the great depression
Irving Penn Famous portrait photographer with his work being featured in Rolling Stone magazine
David Hockney Famous for the photo collages called joiners that he created
Andy Worhol Is known for their role in the pop art mevement
Corey Rich, Ty Sawyer, and Tyler Stableford Are all adventure photographers
Eudora Welty Famous writer/photographer from Mississippi
Camera Obscura Was used to trace images for paintings and murals
Pictoralist Believed that photographs should express noble ideas
Life Magazine Started in 19356 and combined photography with journalism
Composition The arrangement of visual elements within the frame of a photograph
Snapshot A casual photograph or record of some event
Photograph An artistic interpretation of an event. The lighting is correct and the subject is posed
Positive space Space an object takes up with th frame
Negative space Space that surrounds an object in the frame
Jones Soda A soda company that allows customers to design their own labels.
Clone stamp Photoshop tool that allows you to copy an area exactly
Patch tool Photoshop tool used to repair a selected area with piles from another area
Crop tool Photoshop tool used to remove unwanted background
magic eraser o and place in another photo
Pixles What a bitmap graphic is compose of
Portrait/landscape Two types of page orientation
Background Layer at the bottom in photoshop
History Photoshop bane used to track recent changes
Window The panel where you can access your photoshop tools when they go missing
Zoom Tool used to enlarge and reduce image size
resolution Measurement of pkcles in a photo
Created by: william_clark
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