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Military Sci quiz #1

Stack #208568

A vivid description of the future is which of the following? vision
A vision is grounded in values Yes or no and why? Yes. Expressing your most important values helps you decide your vision.
Why is a vision important? Provides direction for your life and provides context for your decisions
Two things you need to make clear when writing a mission statement are: Your purpose and creating goals that you are motivated to achieve
What does the acronym SMART stand for in goal setting? Specific,measurable,attainable,realistic,Time bound
The______transmits a message and a ____decodes the meaning. sender , reciever
How do we know communication has been successful? By gaining proper feedback and confirming successful communication
Name three things that could influence how well a message is recieved. FOCUS-clarify what you want the reciever to hear ELIMINATE NOISE- use descriptive language and ask for feed back BLUFF-put your bottom line up front relay the point in the beginning.
Describe or draw a diagram of the communication process. A sender creates a message and sends it to a reciever, Noise if present may interrupt or alter the message. Feedback provides confirmation that the message was recieved correctly or not.
Name two types of barriers that interfere with communication. Bad handwriting and audience distractions
List four tips for effective communication. Focus your message Break through noise Bluf Use simple words
What are at least two ways we can magnify a listeners attention? ASK for feedback use movement and gestures
Bluf stands for what ? Bottom line up front
How many soldiers make up the infantry fire team? 4
How many team leaders are there in the standard infantry rifle squad/ 2
How many soldiers in a infantry rifle squad? 9
Wat are the four positions in a fire team? Team leader, automatic rifleman, grenadier, rifleman
whose responsible for supervising the teams weapons and equipment? Team leader
Three individual movement techniques(IMT) are? Low crawl, high crawl, and 3-5 second rush
Why would you need to use a wedge formation? to cover more ground while looking out for one another, and watching all fronts.
What are tactical disadvantages of wedge formation? We are all vulnerable but we wont all be killed all at once.
What weapon is your pace man most likely carrying? M16-M203
Created by: Ronnie613