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Graphic Design

Final Exam

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made first permanent camera image
Eeadward Muybridge invented the zoopraxiscope to see horses move
James Van der zee photographed Harlem in the 1920s
Alfred Stieglitz married to famous painter Georgia O'Keefe
Pedro Meyer founded ZoneZero, based in Mexico
Steve McCurry photographed the Afghan girl
Howard Bingham photographed Muhammed Ali
William Eggelston photographed ordinary things
Ansel Adams famous for western landscape photographs
Debbie Wahl food stylist
David Hockeney photo collages called joiners
Andy Warhol influenced the pop movement
Ty Sawyer, Tyler Stableford, Corey rich adventure photographers
Udora Wealthy photographed Mississippi
camera obscura images projected on a surface
pictorilaists photographers that believe in noble ideas
Life magazine started in 1936, combined photography and journalism
composition arrangement of visual elements within in a frame
snapshot casual photo
photograph planned photgraph
positive space space an object takes up
negative space that surrounds the object
rule of thirds dividing your image with horizontal and vertical lines
photography producing images by chemical action of light
Jones Soda company that lets customers make the label
clone stamp tool to clone an are exactly
patch tool
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