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Schindler's List

Vocabulary #2

Collaborators cooperation between the citizens of a country and its occupiers
Concentration camp a prison where the Nazi regime sent people considered by them to be dangerous
Conformity acting in accordance with popular opinion, rather than following the dictates of one=s own conscience
Dachau the first concentration camp, opened in 1933 near Munich, Germany
Deportation the forced relocation of Jews, Gypsies, some Poles, and resistance fighters from their homes to other localities, usually to ghettos or Nazi concentration camps and killing centers
DEF (Deutsch Email Fabrik) the name of the factory Schindler established in Krakow
Dissent to differ in belief or opinion (especially from official government policy)
Eugenics and Population Biology Research Station the department responsible for the racial and genealogical registration of Jews, Gypsies, and other targeted groups
Einsatzgruppen mobile killing commando units which closely followed invading armies into the Soviet Union, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Their purpose was to immediately kill the Jewish population by shooting them or packing them into vans and gassing them
Euthanasia Program (the T4 Program) a Nazi government program created to kill mentally and physically handicapped Germans deemed "incurably sick."
The Final Solution euphemism used by the Nazis to describe their plan to exterminate all European Jews
Genocide the deliberate and total extermination of a culture
Gestapo the secret political police in Nazi Germany created to eliminate political opposition
Ghetto the term used to describe the compulsory AJewish Quarter@ - the poor sections of cities where Jews were forced to reside
Amon Goeth (pronounced AGert@) Nazi criminal in Poland, an Austrian citizen; ruled Plaszow and decided who would live and who would die
Gypsies collective term for the Romani and Sinti nomadic people originally from northwest India
Holocaust the systematic, bureaucratic annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and their collaborators during WWII.
Jew a person whose religion is Judaism
Jewish Ghetto Police (OD) in Poland, the Nazi-established Jewish police forces by which they controlled the Jewish population in the ghettos. In Krakow they assisted the Nazis in the liquidation of the ghetto
Jewish Council (Judenrat) also known as the Council of Jewish Elders; often comprised of prewar leaders of the Jewish community, they transmitted German orders to the Jewish population
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