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Social Studies

Chapter 7 Section 2

An act of rebellion against your government Treason
The Spanish form of government in Louisiana Cabildo
A person who establishes boundaries for property owner Surveyor
O'Reilly was charged with removing French _______________ and _____________ from the Spanish colony. Power, Law
What did O'Reilly use Spanish colonial law as? model
O'Reilly replaced French Superior Council with ______________ _______________. Spanish Cabildo
Who abolished Indian Slavery? O'Reilly
O'Reilly commissioned the ________________ census. Population
When the rebellion ended, the colony was under _____________. control
Who was sent with O'Reilly to become the next governor? Luis de Unzaga y Amezaga
Ungaza overlooked Spanish laws, and allowed the British merchants to set up shops in ________ ____________. New Orleans
Ungaza appointed many French to _____________ positions. government
Ungaza ______________ and ______________ Louisiana forts. repaired and strengthed
Ungaza also brought more ________________ into the colony. soldiers
The sell of ______________ to _____________ tribes increased the loyalty of the Indians. firearms, Indian
What new colonists arrived from the Spanish Canary Islands (off the NW coast of Africa)? Islenos
The new colonists called themselves Islenos, What does this Spanish word mean? islanders
There were very few settlements of Islenos in the colony due to, _____________, ____________, ______________,___________ and _____________. death, disease, hurricanes, lost ships, delays
Islenos were brought to Louisiana for _______________ purposes. military
Islenos were directed to become _______________. farmers
The Islenos were also given basics of ________________ government. Spanish
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