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US Presidents

VP Thomas Jefferson John Adams White House becomes Presidential home
VP Aaron Burr George Clinton State James Madison Thomas Jefferson 1803 Louisiana Purchase 1st Barbary War
VP George Clinton Elbridge Gerry State James Monroe James Madison War of 1812 National Anthem written
VP Daniel Tompkins State JQ Adams War John C Calhoun James Monroe 1823 doctrine opposed to colonial intervention in the Americas
VP John C Calhoun State Henry Clay John Quincy Adams
VP John C Calhoun Martin Van Buren State Martin Van Buren Treasury Roger Taney Andrew Jackson Indian Removal Act Battle of the Alamo
VP RIchard Johnson Martin Van Buren Trail of Tears Panic of 1837
VP John Tyler State Daniel Webster William Henry Harrison served shortest term of any President (32 days)
VP none State Daniel Webster John C Calhoun John Tyler 1st President to marry while in office1st President to have a veto overridden by Congress
VP George Dallas State James Buchanan James K Polk acquired California and Oregon California gold rush established independent treasury
VP Millard FIllmore Zachary Taylor dies in office after Washington Monument dedication
VP none State Daniel Webster Millard Fillmore Commodore Perry sent to Japan 1850 Compromise
VP William King War Jefferson Davis Franklin Pierce Kansas-Nebraska Act Ostend Manifesto
VP John C Breckenridge AG Edwin Stanton James Buchanan Pony Express established Harpers Ferry raid
VP Hannibal Hamlin Andrew Johnson State William Seward War Edwin Stanton Abraham Lincoln Fort Sumter attacked also, the entire Civil War
VP none State William Seward War Edwin Stanton Andrew Johnson Reconstruction 13th and 14th Amendments 1st President impeached Alaska purchased
VP Schuyler Colfax Henry WIlson Ulysses S Grant Transcontinental Railroad completed Battle of Little Bighorn
VP William Wheeler Rutherford B Hayes Reconstruction ends with Compromise of 1877
VP Chester A Arthur State James G Blaine War Robert Todd Lincoln James Garfield assassinated by Charles Giteau after 100 days in office
VP none State James G Blaine War Robert Todd Lincoln Chester A Arthur Chinese Exclusion Act Pendleton Act
VP Thomas Hendricks Adlai Stevenson Grover Cleveland Pullman strike Presidential Succession Act Statue of Liberty dedicated only non-consecutive terms
VP Levi Morton State James G Blaine Benjamin Harrison Sherman Antitrust Act electricity in the White House
VP Garrett Hobart Theodore Roosevelt War Elihu Root William McKinley Spanish-American War Open Door policy/Boxer Rebellion Hawaii annexed
VP Charles Fairbanks State Elihu Root Theodore Roosevelt Panama Canal rights acquired FBI established 1906 Nobel Peace Prize
VP James Sherman William Howard Taft Dollar Diplomacy 16th amendment (income tax)
VP Thomas Marshall State William Jennings Bryan Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve Act WW1
VP Calvin Coolidge State Charles Evans Hughes Interior Albert Fall Commerce Herbert Hoover Warren Harding Eugene Debs pardoned Teapot Dome scandal
VP Charles Dawes State Charles Evans Hughes Frank Kellogg Commerce Herbert Hoover Calvin Coolidge Lindbergh's transatlantic flight Indian Reorganization Acts Kellog-Briand Pact
VP Charles Curtis State Frank Kellogg Henry Stimson Herbert Hoover Stock market crash Hawlye-Smoot Tariff
VP John Nance Garner Henry Wallace Harry Truman State Cordell Hull Labor Frances Perkins Franklin Roosevelt Prohibition ends Social Security Act New Deal legislation WW2
VP Alben Barkley State Dean Acheson State/Defense George Marshall Harry Truman first atomic bomb UN established NATO established
VP Richard Nixon State John Foster Dulles Dwight Eisenhower Brown v. Board of Ed Sputnik launched NASA formed
VP Lyndon Johnson State Dean Rusk Defense Robert McNamara AG Robert Kennedy John F Kennedy Peace Corps established Berlin Wall Cuban Missle Crisis
VP Hubert Humphrey State Dean Rusk Defense Robert McNamara AG Robert Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Civil Rights Act Medicare and Medicaid MLK and RFK assassinated
VP Spiro Agnew Gerald Ford State Henry Kissinger HUD George Romney Richard Nixon 26th Amendment (18 yr old vote) Vietnam War ends SALT agreement reached
VP Nelson Rockafeller State Henry Kissinger Defense Donald Rumsfeld Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld Dick Cheney Gerald Ford Helsinki Accords
VP Walter Mondale Jimmy Carter 3 Mile Island Iran hostage crisis
VP George HW Bush State Alexander Haig George M Schultz Chief of Staff/ Treasury James Baker Ronald Reagan Grenada invasion Iran-Contra scandal
VP Dan Quayle State James Baker Defense Dick Cheney George HW Bush Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm Berlin Wall falls Tiananmen Square riots/massacre
VP Al Gore State Madelin Albright AG Janet Reno Bill Clinton Branch Davidian standoff in Waco Dayton Peace Accords Oklahoma City bombing
VP Dick Cheney State Colin Powell Condoleeza Rice Defense Donald Rumsfeld George W Bush 9/11 and Iraq War Hurricane Katrina
VP Joe Biden State Hillary Clinton John Kerry Barack Obama Osama bin Laden killed
VP John Adams State Thomas Jefferson Treasury Alexander Hamilton George Washington 1st census national mint established Bill of Rights ratified