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Final Test Review

application software software used for a specific task, such as word processing Ex:Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
Blank document the default document template
Bulleted list a list of words, phrases, or sentences preceded by a bullet graphic; an unordered list
cell the intersection of a column and row in a Word table; the intersection of a column and row in an Excel worksheet
cell reference a cell's row heading number and column heading letter in an Excel worksheet, Ex: D5, A4,etc.
click to point to a specific area on the screen and tap the left mouse button once.
close button the button in the upper-right corner of a window that you click to close the window
column a vertical arrangement of cells in a Word table; a vertical arrangement of cells in a worksheet
column heading letters from A to XFD that appear across the top of a worksheet
CPU the computer's "brain" that controls the interaction between hardware and software
data file an electronic file that you open and edit
double-cllick to point to a specific area on the screen and tap the left mouse button twice very quickly
email electronic messages or mail sent over the internet
email etiquette rules for good behavior when sending email
file a document that you open or create and save on your computer
folder an electronic version of a paper folder in which you can organize and store your computer files
hard drie a built-in device for storing programs and data
header text, page numbers, and dates that appear at the top of a page
hyperlink text or a picture that is linked to another Web page
icon a small graphic symbol used to represent electronic files, folders, or software applications
keyboard hardware that contains a set of keys you tap to insert text and numbers or to perform special tasks
line spacing the amount of white space between lines of text
margin the amount of white space at the top, bottom, left, and right sides of a page
mouse a pointing device used to perform a task such as clicking or dragging
multilevel list an outline format that contains main topics, subtopics, and details that support a subtopic
numbered list a list of words, phrases, or sentences preceded by a number in sequence; an ordered list
presentation a PowerPoint file that contains one or more slides
Ribbon contains tabbed groups of command buttons you can click to perform a variety of document tasks
right-click to point to a specific area on the screen and tap the right mouse button once.
row a horizontal arrangement of cells across a worksheet; a horizontal arrangement of cells in a Word table
row heading numbers 1 through 1,048,576 that appear down the left side of the worksheet
select to drag the I-beam over text or to click the text to make it available for editing
slide an individual page in a PowerPoint file that can contain text, graphics, video, audio, and animation
software instructions used by a computer to operate its hardware or to perform tasks such as word processing
Start button located on the desktop; opens the Start menu, which lists the applications on a computer
taskbar an area at the bottom of the Windows window that displays buttons for open documents and applications
templates preformatted model documents, forms, or other files
theme a color-coordinated format for worksheet elements
title bar the blue bar along the top of an application or operating system window that contains the window's minimize, maximize, restore down, and close buttons and the name of the open application, document, or folder
URL Uniform Resource Locator or the address of a webpage
Web browser the application software used to load and view web pages Ex: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
window a rectangular area on the screen in which you can see and work in an application or a document
zoom to increase or decrease the viewing percentage of a document
Created by: rebecca.birr