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The Scarlet Letter

Ch. 11-15

Who is mentally torturing Dimmesdale? Chllingworth
How does the town view Dimmesdale as he grows physically weaker? with even greater respect
What is in the secret closet of Dimmesdale? a bloody scourge
To which religion does Hawthorne compare Dimmesdale's self-punishing behavior? Catholicism
What month did Dimmesdale decide to go to the scaffold? May
Who is dying while Dimmesdale stood on the scaffold? Gov. Winthrop
Why was Hester at Gov. Winthrop's deathbed? to measure his robe
When did Dimmesdale say that all three of them will stand on the scaffold again? Judgment Day
What caused a light gleamed far and wide over all the sky? meteors
What is found on the scaffold after the minister's vigil? Dimmesdale's gloves
Whom did the sexton say dropped the glove on the scaffold? Satan
How old is Pearl now? seven
How does Hester answer Pearl's questions about the meaning of the letter "A"? She threatens to lock her in a dark closet.
What kind of material does Pearl use to make her own letter "A"? eelgrass
Was Hester tempted to tell Pearl all about her suffering and the truth about the scarlet letter? NO
Did Hester become worried about Dimmesdale and resolves to tell him Chillingworth's true identity? YES
What does Hester do when Dimmesdale asks the true identity of Chillingworth? She remains silent.
The letter "A" has been said to stand for adultery, able, angel