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Chapter 18 Terms

Operating Systems Chapter 18

Strong Password zaq1!QAZ
Encrypted File System securing files and folders
Windows Firewall protects your device from hackers and viruses
Bitlocker Encryption encrypting the hard drive
LoJack laptop tracking software
Smart Card token used to authenticate users
Smart Card reader reads smart cards
Key Fob smart card that fits on a keyvhain
RSA Token similar to smart cards
RFID Badge worn by employees can allow the employee entrance to locked portions of buildings
Digital Certificate used to prove who you are
Biometric Device fingerprint scanner
Retinal Scanning eye scanning
Privacy Filter prevents others from looking at your screen from an angle
degausser used tto completely erase hard drives
ATA secure erase standards for securely erasing data on a solid state drive
Social Engineering the practice of tricking people into giving out their personal information
Shoulder Surfing when people secretly peek at ur monitor
Tailgating when someone follows another person into a locked building
Phishing email related identity theft
Malicious Software a secretly downloaded program on your system intent of causing harm
malware a secretly downloaded program on your system intent of causing harm
Computer Infection a secretly downloaded program on your system intent of causing harm
Grayware an unwanted program that could or could not cause harm
Virus an infection programs contract that causes harm to your system
Boot sector Virus a virus that hides in the master boot record
Adware pop up ads
Spyware spies on you and collects personal info
Keylogger tracks all your keystrocks
Worm self replicates and tries to over load the network
Trojans disguises itself as a reputable program when it is really not legitimate
Rootkit a virus that loads itself before boot is complete
Antivirus Software used to remove viruses
Anti spyware software removes spyware and adware
quarantined computer not allowed to use the normal network or risk infection to other devices
Virus Definitions used to find viruses out in the wild
virus signatures The tell tail signs of a virus
Windows Defender antispyware included in windows 7 and vista
Security Center houses the firewall windows updates and windows defender
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