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Operating Systems

Chapter 18 Review Questions

1. Why is it more secure to require a user to press Ctrol+Alt+Delete to log on rather than displaying the Windows Welcome Screen? It prevents Malware from displaying a fake welcome screen which can fool users into providing their user account information.
2. Which window in Control Panel is used to require a Windows password to wake up a sleeping computer? The Power Options window.
3. Which 2 tools can be used to reset a Windows password for another user when using Windows 7 Home Premium? a user's password can be reset in 3 places 1. by using "Netplwiz" command, 2. by going into Local users and groups in Computer Management screen. 3. from the User Accounts link in Control Panel.
4. Why is PINE963$&apple not a strong password? They are common words which are easy to find with a dictionary type attack.
5. Which Link in the Windows Firewall window allows you to add a port to the list of exceptions allowed through the firewall? "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall"
6. Which Policy in Group Policy must be enabled before you can monitor failed attempts at logging onto a Windows system? Audit Logon event policy
7. What Hardware component is needed to set up BitLocker Encryption so that you can authenticate the computer? a chip called TPM (Trusted Platform Module) located on the motherboard. This can be configured in the system BIOS.
8. What Windows utility can you use to change the name of the built-in Administrator account? Administrator account name can be changed by using gpedit.msc. Drill down through computer configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options. Find and open Accounts Administrator Account. located near the top.
9. What type of employee batdge does not have to be swiped by a card reader to allow the employee through a door? An RFID Badge
10. Which type of biometric data is considered the most secure? Retinal Scanning is the most secure biometric scan.
11. Which is better to destroy sensitive data on a hard drive, a low level format, drill, or degausser? Degausser is best to use and it is recommended to physically destroy the hard drive also.
12. What tool is best to use when destroying data on an SSD drive? Where can you get this tool? A Secure Erase Utility is required by the government to erase SSD drives, and can be downloaded from the manufacturer of the device.
13. What device can be installed on a laptop to prevent shoulder surfing? A privacy filter
14. Define and explain the differences between a virus, Worm, and Trojan. A Virus is a program that replicates by attaching itself to other programs, The infected program must be executed for the virus to run. it can be an application, macro in a document, a windows system file, or a boot loader program. A Worm is a program
15. What are the 2 best ways to protect a computer or network against worms? Use a Firewall. Use Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software. Personal note - to be effective, Anti Malware and Anti-Virus software must have the definitions updated daily. it is also recommended to run system scans on a regular basis, as well as running scan
16. What is the best way to determine if an email message warning about a virus is a hoax? You will never receive emails stating your computer has a virus. You can search the internet on sites such as Snopes.com or Hoaxslayer.com as well as talking to someone in your IT dept.
17. What is the first thing you should do when you discover a computer is infected with malware? Quarantine - Imediately disconnect the computer from the network and internet to prevent spreading of the infection to other computers.
18. What does AV software look for to determine that a program or a process is a virus? The AV program compares signatures of all files in the computer system against a list / database of known viruses.
19. Which antispyware software is imbedded in Windows 7? Windows Defender, Also known as Microsoft Security Essentials.
20. Why is it helpful to run AV software in Safe Mode? Some malware can prevent AV software from running. Safe Mode (without networking preferred) has limited program and driver support which can prevent the malware from loading.
21. What registry key keeps information about services that run when a comptuer is booted into Safe Mode? HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Safeboot is where the information is kept. Subkeys are Minimal - Safe Mode without networking and Network - Safe Mode with Networking.
22. What folder is used by Windows to hold Restore Points? The hidden folder "System Volume Information Located in C:\System Volume Infomration\Restore
23. What must you do to allow AV software to scan and delete malware it might find in the data storage area where Restore Points are kept? 1. verify the AV / Anti Malware software definitions are up to date, 2. Disable System Restore 3. scan the computer allowing the AV/AM software to clean and delete the infected files.
24. What is the best tool to use to find out the purpose of a program that is running on your system? Task Manager
25. What software can you use to display a process tree that shows how processes relate, yielding more information that given by Task Manager? Process Explorer