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Onur Quiz 2

Onur Quiz 2 - Herb combos

Ju Hua + Gou qi zi LR Yin xu w/ dry itchy eyes. Formula:Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
Zhi Mu + Bei Mu Formula: Er Mu San. For dry cough with little phlegm
Zhi Mu + Huang Bai Potentiate each other to clear heat, tonify yin, eliminate damp in LJ.
Zhi Zi + Dan Dou Chi Formula: Zhi Zi San. For insomnia and irritability
Huang Lian + Sheng jiang Stop nausea and vomit(ginger fry is good)
Huang Lian + Ban Xia Vomiting w/ fullness
Huang lian + Wu Zhu Yu Formula: Zuo Jin Wan. For Lr overacting on stomach leading to GERD
Huang Lian + Rou Gui Formula: Jiao Tai Wan. For Heat Above, Xu below. Running Piglet Qi.
Huang Bai + Cang Zhu Formula: Er Miao San. For Damp-Heat in Lower Jiao(everything from Leukorrhea to painful limbs)
Xuan Shen + Cang Zhu For Xiao Ke esp. with damp
Chi Shao + Bai Shao To hold , nourish and move blood
Pu Gong Ying + Tian Hua Fen For breast abscess
Pu Gong Ying+ Yu Xing Cao + Jie Geng For LU abscess
Bai Hua She She Cao+ Bai Jiang Cao For appendicitis
Bai Hua She She Cao+Ban Zhi Lian to increase functions of draining damp and resolving toxins.
Shan Dou Gen+ Ban Lan Gen + Xuan Shen For sore throat
Yu Xing Cao + Pu Gong Ying For LU abscess
Qing Hao + Bie Jia Heat in Ying level. Relevant in autoimmune. Virus remains to become chronic fatique.
Yin Chai Hu + Hu Huang Lian potentiate each other to clear deficient heat.
Da Huang + Mang Xiao for strong purgative
Da Huang + Fu Zi Constipation due/to Cold Accumulation
Du Huo + Qiang Huo Open the whole back
Du Huo + Du Zhong Bi Syndrome/ stiff lower back
Fen Fang Ji+ Yi Yi Ren Damp Bi w/ swelling and edema
Sang Zhi + Gui Zhi Open collaterals to reach the fingers
Cang Zhu + Huang Bai Formula Er Miao San for damp heat in LJ
Cang Zhu + Xuan Shen for Xiao Ke
Huo Xiang + Cang Zhu Mutually accentuate drain damp, benefit SP functions
Huo Xiang + Bai Zhi + Zi Su Ye Nasal and Chest congestion in Pe Min Kan Wan)
Huo Po + Ban Xia mutual enhancement to transform phlegm, reduce Qi Stag. Formula: Hou Po Ban Xia Tang
Hou Po + Zhi Shi Descends Qi to move bowels and to relieve LU
Sha Ren + Mu Xiang Tx: Pain in the Middle Jiao
Fu Ling + Yi Zhi Ren Combo for milky urine or KD Yang Xu losse stool/diarrhea
Ze Xie + Bai Zhu Formula: Ze Xie Bai Zhu Tang for fluid acc. in the head causing dizzy/balance problems
Ban Xia + Sheng Jiang Cold type nausea
Ban Xia + Zhu Ru GB/ST heat w/ nausea and vomit
Ban Xia + Hou Po Plum pit Qi.
Gua Lou + Xie Bai Chest Bi
Chuan Bei Mu + Zhi Mu Formula: Er Mu San. For dry cough with little phlegm
Zhu Ru + Sheng Jiang Stop vomiting
Zhu Ru + Chen Pi Nausea/vomit due to SP/ST deficiency
Zhu Ru + Ban Xia Nausea/vomit due to rebellious Qi
Xing Ren + Ma Huang Potentiate each other to stop cough and asthma
Zi Su Zi + Xing Ren Potentiate each other to stop cough
Zi Su Zi + Lai Fu Zi For food stag and LU obstruction
Is Ya Dan Zi Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Is Da Huang Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Is Che Qian Zi Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Is Qu Mai Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Is Ban Xia Contraindicated in prego? NO
Is Tian Nan Xing Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Is Bai Fu Zi Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Is Dan Nan Xing Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Ting Li Zi + Da Zao For Plueral Effusion
Xuan Fu Hua + Dai Zhe Shi ST rebellion
Created by: rmr