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Tossup 4

After its police found bomb-making materials on one of its slum areas in November 2015, it shut down its subway system for an entire day in hopes of preventing a terrorist attack like the ones in Paris. Name this capital city of Belgium. Brussels
A new high-tech broom called the IcePad that has a carbon fiber shaft is taking this sport by storm, as it seems to reduce the physical labor and skill needed to become a world-class player. Name this sport, now in the Winter Olympics, whose players use the brooms to shape the ice on which their large stones move toward a target. curling
Pencils and paper ready! Find the smallest angle of an isosceles triangle it is 39 degrees smaller than the two larger congruent angles. 34 degrees (x + 2 [x+39] = 180)
In Arab culture, it's the part of a house where male strangers are not allowed. It is the English translation of the C
Created by: Arlinesd75