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Tossup 2

Its story is described online as, "Drac is worried that his ...half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn't showing signs of being a vampire... So [he] enlists his friends...to put Dennis through a "monster-in-training" boot camp." Name this 2015 movie sequal that features the voices of Andy Samburg and Adam Sandler. Hotel Transylvania 2
It examples include hornfels, quartzite, slate and marble. Identify this major type of rock that is divided into "foliated" and non-foliated" types and is created by sustained heat and pressure on either sedimentary or igneous rock. metamorphic rock
More than 1,300 people were killed in a crush while carrying it out in 2015, a result of millions who were all trying to throw pebbles at the Devil and walk counterclockwise around the Kaaba at the same time. Give the Muslim term for this journey to Mecca that Muslims are encouraged to complete at least once in their lives. hajj {hodge]
Pencils and paper ready! Refrigerator A costs $700 and uses $80 worth of electricity each year. Refrigerator B costs $865 and uses $25 worth of electricity each year. After how many years will the costs to run the two refrigerators be equal? 3 years (700 +80x = 865 + 25x so 55x = 165)
In his original story, he is living in the British town of Puddle-by-on-the-Marsh until he is coaxed into going to Africa to cure a monkey epidemic. At the end of that story, the grateful monkeys give him a pushmi-pullyu. Name this veterinarian character created by Hugh Lofting who can "talk to the animals." Dr. John Dolittle
It features pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, and flying buttresses that allowed churches built in this style to be much taller than previous structures. Name this style of architecture that fits historically in the Middle Ages between Romanesque and Renaissance. Gothic architecture
its verse talks about storm clouds gathering far behind the sea and that people in the U.S. should be grateful to live in a land so fair. Name this Irving Berlin songs, often sung at baseball games since September 11th, that talks about the mountains, the prairies and oceans white with foam. God Bless America
Pencils and paper ready! The volume of a right circular cylinder is 243π cubic units. If the cylinder is 3 unites high, find the radius of the cylinder. 9 units
After his college career at TCU, he was drafted by Baltimore and actually started for the Orioles on Opening Day in 2012 before being traded to his current team, where his 2015 stats include an earned run average of less than 2, a no-hitter, and 22 wins. Name this star pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Jake Arrieta
Led after World War II by General Omar Bradley, its top supervisor is now a Cabinet-level position. Name this federal Department, plagued by both an inability to build new hospitals on budget and by long waiting lists before the former military personnel it cares for can see a doctor. Department of Veterans Affairs (or VA)
Created by: Arlinesd75