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Tossups 1

This Ohio Republican announced his most recent political move the day after he saw Pope Francis become the first pontiff ever to address Congress in 2015. Name this congressman who has announced that he will soon resign as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. John Boehner
It is made of a set of amino acids, some of which you get by eating foods like peanut butter, beans, eggs or hamburger. Name this type of molecule that helps build up the muscles in your body is part of a healthy diet when combined with carbohydrates and fats. protein
They were found by British chemist Henry Cavendish when he removed all nitrogen and oxygen from a sample of air and discovered some of the air hadn't reacted with anything. Give the 2-word term for these elements in the periodic table that include krypton and radon and get their name because they basically don't react with anything. nobble (or inert) gases
In October 2015, Jack Dorsey, who is CEO of the company called Square, decided to come back and also serve as the CEO of this company he co-founded. Name this Internet firm, less profitable than Facebook, that plans to remove the 140-character limit on its messages, or "tweets." Twitter
Twelve of mythology's most famous gods and goddesses were said to live in palaces on its summit, including Poseidon, Athena and Apollo. Name this real-life Greek mountain, said to be home to Zeus, His wife Hera, some of his siblings and some of his children. Mount Olympus
In 2015, after this country removed a monument to a Russian World War II general, the Russian Ambassador to this country claimed that World War II was partly this country's fault. Name this European nation invaded by Russia in September 1939, 2 weeks after Germany first invaded it from the other direction. Poland
Pencils and paper ready! Give the sum of "five squared, plus three to the fourth." 106 (25 + 81)
The Thwaites Glacier that drains into this body of water has recently gotten smaller as a result of geothermal heat. Identify this sea off the west coast of Antarctica, name for the Norwegian explorer who was the first to reach both the North Pole and the South Pole. Amundsen Sea
Recent studies have found a good reason to keep babies away from antibiotics: the drugs remove good bacteria from a baby's stomach, which may make them more likely to develop this breathing problem. Identify this condition that causes airways to become inflamed and is often treated with inhalers. asthma
The nouns "justice", "loyalty", "freedom" and "happiness" can all be describe by - what adjective because they do not occupy space and cannot be recognized by any of the 5 senses.? abstract nouns
Created by: Arlinesd75