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Semen Analysis

MEDT 208 Urinalysis Semen Analysis

An increased amount of prostatic fluid in a semen specimen will: lower the pH
Evaluation of sperm motility includes: Examination in 1 hour, and estimation of progressive motion in 20 fields or 100 sperm
In addition to the sperm count in a fertility study, analysis of seminal fluid should also include: time of liquefaction, estimation of motility, morphology
Sperm can be immobilized before performing a sperm concentration using all of the following except: Heating to 37º C
When should semen specimens should be analyzed for viscosity? After liquifaction.
The sugar of interest in cases of infertility is: Fructose
To determine if a questionable specimen is semen, the specimen should be tested for: Acid Phosphatase
Using a 1:20 dilution of semen, a student counts 70 sperm in the five RBC squares on one side of the Neubauer hemocytometer and 82 sperm on the other side. The student should: Repeat dilutions AND Repeat the count
Which parameter of the semen analysis is most critically affected if the first portion of the ejaculation is not collected? Sperm concentration
Yellow color in a semen specimen may be caused by all of the following except: Preservation at room temperature.
Yellow color in a specimen CAN be caused by: Prolonged abstinence, Medications, Urine
The normal pH for semen specimens is? 7.2-8.0
What is the standard for normal sperm morphology? > 30% normal is ok
Which squares in the Neubauer chamber are counted for semen analysis? 5 center squares
What is the normal concentration for sperm? 20-160 million/mL
What is the standard dilution for sperm analysis? 1:20
What is normal agglutination for semen analysis? no agglutination
What is the principle of the Mixed agglutination reaction (MAR) test? Incubate sperm w/antihuman globulin (AHG) and IgG-coated latex particles AHG combines w/particles & antibody-coated sperm forming clumps.
What is the principle of the Immunobead Test? Demonstrates antibodies to head, neck, midpiece, and tail. Beads are coated with antihuman globulin
The Eosin-nigrosin stain and Seminal fructose tests are tests for? Viability
What color are normal cells in the Eosin-nigrosin stain? blue-white
What are the three sections of a sperm? Head, neckpiece, tail
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