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S.E. Class

Social Entrepreneurship class final examn study guide

Migration Movement of people from one place in the world to another for the purpose of taking permanent or semi-permanent residence.
Types of migration Internal, external, impelled, deportation, seasonal, chain, voluntary.
Irregular immigration causes Socioeconomic factos, political issues, violence, natural disasters.
Irregular immigration consequences Lost of identity, hotbed of criminals, impunity, prejudice and discrimination
Social entrepreneurship Process that starts with a perceived social opportunity that becomes a business model.
Social Enterprise Business that creates profit but also improves living condition to the community, improves equality.
Entrepreneurial mindset Entrepreneurial ways of doing, thinking, feeling, communicating, organizing and learning.
Entrepreneurial skills, behaviour and attitudes Intuitive, ability to make things running, networking, taking the initiative, opportunity recognition, creatve problem solving, strategic thinking, self confidence.
Causal thinking begin with given goal and give set of means Looks for optimal
Effectual thinking Does not begin with specified goal Begins with given set og means and enables goals to arise gradually during the interaction.
Pitch 1 minute presentation whose goal is to get the right people excited about you social business.
Mission Statement Should express the enterprise idea clearly and succinctly 1. What will we do? 2. What does value mean to us? How we measure it? 3. What is the enterprises innovation? 4. What is success to us?
Customer Segment Identification of different groups of people and organizations we aim to reach and serve.
Customer/beneficiary relationships How do I create loyalty? Communities? Co-creation? Automated service?
Key resources What are the needed resources, physical, human, intellectual, financial.
TBL People Planet Profit
Sustaintability Socially sustainable withing ecological constraints
SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound
KISS Keep it simple stupid and sexy
External audience Actual and potential funders / venture capitalists / funds / potential partners / co-founders / governmente officials / community
Internal audience Founders / actual and potential staff /board members /advisors
Social value Not objective Very hard to cover all metrics
PEM Project Execution Model
Social Business Plan Considers the impact metrics, divides the beneficiary and the consumer.
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