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CTA-100 Final

A ___is a device connected to network such as a computer or a game console. node
Which transmission medium transmits data the fastest? Twisted-pair cable
___ is the maximum speed at which data can be transferred between two nodes. Bandwidth
The current version of wireless Ethernet is 802.11n
Normal telephone cable is a type of twisted-pair cable.
A network used to communicate among devices close to one person is called a PAN.
A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is an example of ___ administration. local
Data is sent through a network on bundles called packets.
Client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs a specialized piece of software called a network operating system (NOS)
All of the following are extra precautions you can take to secure a wireless network, except enable SSID broadcast.
Which of the following is NOT a type of cable used in wired networks? Router cable
All of the following are benefits of networks EXCEPT, Sharing an operating system.
The most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable.
Network architectures are classified according to the way in which they are managed and the distance between their nodes.
Wireless Internet is available using radio waves.
All of the following involve tasks for network administration, except purchasing initial equipment for the network.
SSID stands for Service Set Identifier.
The main difference between the tablet and smartphone is the screen size.
An analog-to-digital converter chip converts the sound waved from a voice into digital signals.
All of the following are advantages of VoIP except reliability.
SMS delivers messages to the appropriate mobile device using ___ technology. store-and-forward
Images are a representation of light waves called ___ or continuous waves. analog
The operating system of a cell phone is stored in ROM.
Text messaging is also called Short message service (SMS)
An internet connectivity plan is also known a data plan.
Which of the following statements in NOT true about the JPEG file format? JPEGs are larger than raw files.
What is Android? An operating system for cell/smartphones.
Which of the following uses radio waves to transmit data signals over short distances. Bluetooth
The choice communication mode for people aged 14 to 30 is texting.
The primary input devices for smartphones are microphone and touch pad.
A portable media player can play files with all of the following file extensions, except .doc.
A ___ runs a traditional desktop operating system and is lightweight. netbook
___ is a very well known free VoIP provider. Skype
All of the following are technologies used to transfer digital information, except 5G
Almost all cell phones are designed with a ___ port. USB
The global positioning system is a network of___ satellites plus 3 working spares. 21
An converts your voices sound waves into digital signals. analog-to-digital converter chip
___ is a single cable that carries all audio and video information from devices connected to a TV to the TV itself. HDMI
You can send messages that include photos and videos between mobile devices using ___ technology. multimedia message service (MMS)
To transfer files from your computer to your music device use a ___ port. USB
Social is any technique that uses social skills to generate human interaction that entices individuals to reveal sensitive information. engineering
Using your computer for non-work activities while you are being paid to do your job is known as cyperloafing.
A ___ is a virus that is triggered on a certain date. time bomb
IC3 is a partnership between the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center
You can block logical ports to invaders and make your computer invisible to others on the Internet by installing a firewall.
___ is an unwanted piggyback program that usually downloads with software you are installing from the Internet. Spyware
Which of the following classifications of viruses can change its own code to avoid detection. Polymorphic
All of the following are categories of viruses, except snakes.
___hackers break into systems for mon-malicious reasons such as to test system security vulnerabilities. White-hat
A ___ is the portion of virus code that is unique to a particular computer virus. virus signature
When malicious code is planted on your computer and alters your browser’s ability to find Web addresses it is known as pharming.
All of the following are ways that can infect your computer with a virus, except logging into e-mail.
Which of the following statements about cookies is NOT true. Cookies obtain your personal information by searching you hard drive.
All of the following are top cybercrimes reported to the IC3 in 2011 except child pornography
With regard to computer protection, quarantining is defined as placing a found virus in a secure area on the hard drive.
A packet sniffer is a program that can enable a hacker to do all of the following, EXCEPT launch a denial of service (DoS) attack on your computer.
All of the following are the main functions of antivirus software, except assassinating all viruses.
___ viruses are often transmitted by a flash drive left in a USB port. Boot-sector
Which of the following is formally defined as any criminal action perpetrated primarily through the use of a computer. Cybercrime
A ___ virus changes its own code or periodically rewrites itself to avoid detection. polymorphic
___ floods a computer with requests until it shuts down and refuses to answer any requests for information. A DDoS attack
Rules for creating passwords include all of the following, except keep your password written down and stored in an easy-to-remember location.
All of the following are considered cybercrimes, except theft of a cell phone.
A ___ is named after a housing construction feature that slows the spread of fires from house to house. firewall
Which statement about selecting the right programming language for a project is FALSE? Programming languages require the same amount of time to execute.
Keywords in a programming language that redirect the flow of a program based on a decision are called control structures.
A ___ error is caught when the program executes. logical
___ is a powerful programming language used to build a wide range of Windows applications. Visual Basic
The process by which program code is converted into machine language is called compilation.
The capability of moving a completed programming solution easily from one type of computer to another is known as portability.
___ is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that a computer will use to perform the task. Programming
During which phase of the system development life cycle are flowcharts and data-flow diagrams developed? Design
___ is a text-based approach to documenting an algorithm. pseudocode
With object-oriented analysis, programmers identify categories of input that are part of the problem into classes
Which of the following statements about JAVA is false? Java can run only on a Windows operating system
Before its final commercial release, software is often provided free or at a reduced cost in a ___ version to certain test sites or to interested users. Beta
FORTRAN, C++, and Java are all ___ generation languages. third
Special symbols called tags are used in which of the following languages? HTML/XHTML
The method of algorithm creation used when a programmer breaks down a problem into a series of high-level tasks and continues to break each task into successively more detailed subtasks is called top down designs
The set of specific, sequential steps that describe exactly wheat a copter program must do to complete the work is called an algorithm
The loop decision point consists of three features: an initial value, a set of actions to be performed, and a test condition
Which of the following is the first stage of the program development life cycle (PDLC)? Describing the problem
Translating an algorithm into a programming language is called coding.
SQL is an example of a ___ generation language. fourth
___ is the instructions programmers have written in a higher-level language. Source code
Which statement does NOT describe fifth-generation languages? They use a set of short, English-based commands (such as SUB) that speak directly to the CPU
Which of the following provides a visual representation of patterns that an algorithm comprises? flowchart
A ___ is a visual diagram of a process, including the decisions that need to be made along the way flowchart
How many steps are there in the system development life cycle? 6
The first-generation language is machine language
___ is the process of reducing data redundancy by recording data only once. normalization
A ___ is a way of retrieving information from one or more tables that defines a particular subset of data. query
___ is the branch of computer science that deals with the attempt to create computers that think like humans. artificial intelligence
Created by: StaciSisson