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Jungian Archetypes and their descriptions

Protagonist who separates from the ordinary world and sacrifices self for the service of others. Hero
Provides motivation, insights, and training to help the Hero Mentor/Sage
Protects the Special World and its secrets from the Hero; provides essential tests to prove the Hero's commitment and worth. Threshhold guardian
Issues challenges and announces the coming of significant change. Herald
The mask misleads the Hero by hiding a character's intentions and loyalties Shape-shifter
Represents the darkest desires, untapped resources, or rejected qualities. Or symbolize greatest fears and phobias. Shadow
Relishes the disruption of the status quo and turns the world into chaos Trickster
Acts as a love interest for the Hero. May be an obstacle to overcome or purpose for the quest. Lover/ femme fatal
Group of friends and allys who help along the way, but who also often die. The crew
The antagonist; tries to destroy the ordinary world. The Ultimate Adversary
Comes in many forms; brings aid, relief, powers, further challenges or even solutions Omnipotent beings
One who suffers (or loses life)as a result of doing great good Scapegoat/Martyr
A nagging, sharp-tongued woman The Shrew
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