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Final terms for Keyboarding 1

indicates that something is attached; if used, type directly below the reference initials; is only first and last initials Attachement Notation
includes the source of information in parentheses at the appropriate point within the text; telling you where you got that actual quote or where you got that idea that you paraphrased Author/Year Citation
an alphabetic listing of all sources of facts or ideas used or cited in a report; typed on a separate page at the end of a report Bibliography
is included to indicate that someone else besides the addressee is receiving a copy; it is the C: at the end of the report Copy Notation
series of periods that guide the reader's eye across the page to the page number typed at the right margin; goes in the Table of Contents Dot Leaders
citations that go on the very last page of a report Endnote
referes to the general shape of a character; shape of the letter (Font Style); what you do with the 14-point with all of our titles (Font Size) Font
Word automatically numbers, positions, and formats it for you; references indicate the source of facts or ideas used in report; citations that go at the bottom of the page where the citation is located Footnote
is a Personal-Business Letter sent along with a Resume to a prospective employer; should be no longer than one page; include the job your are applying for and how you learned of the job, the highlights of your Enclosed Resume, & a request for an interview Letter of Application
the long quote that is 4 or more lines long; has a blank line before and after; single spaced always; indented by 0.5 for the left and right tab Long Quotation/Displayed Paragraph/Indented Display
is a commonly used format for Business Letters' the date, complimentary closing, and writer's identification line(s) begin at the horizontal center point for each of these lines; tab starts at 3.25 Modified-Block Style
prepared by individuals to conduct their personal business; you have your address underneath the writer's identification; no reference/types initials because you're the person that composed/typed it Personal-Business Letter
the purpose is to convey your qualification for the position you are seeking; include personal information, career objective, summary of your educational background&special training, previous work experience,actives/personal achievements & 3 references Resume
an alphabetic listing of all sources of facts/ideas used/cited in a report formatted in MLA style; typed on a separate page at the end of a report Works Cited Page
Created by: ibenoit95