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Vocab. words Mrs. M

7th grade vocab word

elective an optional academic course
scowl to look angry
quiver to shake with rapid movement
ferocity extreme fierceness
conviction a strong belief
linger to continue to stay
trudge to walk heavily
portly stout of overweight
bluff to mislead of decieve
sheepishly with a bashful look
ironically in a way that is contrary to what is expected
ethnicity a racial, national, or cultural heritage
usher to make known the presence of
initial first
merge to blend together
inevitably impossible to avoid
specify to make known
exotic unusual or different
chaotic confused
convoluted complecated
adamant unwilling to bend
neferious very mean and wicked
belligerent ready to fight
debacle a funny failure
cantankerous bad tempered
malevolent wishing harm
mal bad
benevolent doing good
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