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# 3 Wellness Vocab

# 3 Wellness Vocabulary

Rules about what foods may be eaten. (often a part of religious beliefs) dietary laws
The scientific study of food and its preparation. food science
These are essential to life. These are chemicals from food that your body uses to carry out its functions. nutrients
The study of nutrients and how they are used in the body. nutrition
is a multitude of communication sources, including television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and the Internet media
A person’s typical way of life, which includes how you spend your time and what’s important to you. lifestyle
Shared customs, traditions, and beliefs of a large group of people which defines a group’s unique identity. culture
Materials or qualities that help you reach a goal. Time, money, knowledge, and equipment. resources
is a way of living based on healthy attitudes and actions.A philosophy that encourages people to take responsibility for their own physical, emotional, and mental health. wellness
The food choices you make. & The amount and type of physical activity you get. physical wellness
The way you manage your feelings and emotions. emotional wellness
The way you handle social situations, friends, peers, work setting. social wellness
Feeling of security and sense of belonging that contribute to your sense of well being. mental wellness
Religious or faith system that contributes to peace of mind or balance in your life. spiritual wellness
The amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree Celsius calorie
Foods that are high in calories, low in nutrition, junk food empty calories
Foods that are high in nutrition with respect to the number of calories nutrient dense
feeling of fullness, appetite satisfaction satiation
A measure of the rate at which ingested food causes the level of glucose in the blood to rise glycemic index
taking into consideration the serving size, this is a way to measure impact of food ingestion on blood sugar levels gylcemic load
Contains all the essential amino acids complete proteins
components of proteins that can not be made by the body and must be consumed by the foods we eat essential amino acids
Adding 10% of the daily nutritional value of a selected nutrient to a food fortified
To improve the nutritive value of a food by adding nutrients by restoring part of the nutrients lost in processing enriched
Created by: Gayla Anderson